At Krystal’s Bianca orders food as Marissa joins her, then shows her the music box from JR. Bianca can’t take her eyes off Marissa who suggests a fun girl’s night out. Bianca is more than happy to agree. Marissa says to call her when she’s done at Fusion.

Downstairs Asher, JR and Caleb talk about Asher’s progress. Asher leaves and Caleb tells JR he appreciates how good he’s been to him. Caleb tells him the company is in trouble. JR wonders if he’s planning a takeover. Caleb denies it. Marissa sees Caleb in the foyer. Caleb tells Marisa to keep her eyes wide open. He goes to Asher’s room. He says he has room at his place if she wants a change.

In her room Colby brags to Maya about her life. She loves that Asher is still in Pine Valley and is determined not to screw it up. Six pack-showing Asher walks in and sees her fashions. She’s going to be interviewed by Pine Valley News. She reflects that she’s a mess but he says she’s a masterpiece in progress. They flirt and she agrees to take his advice about the brand. She’s happy and hugs him almost hurting him. He leaves and Liza arrives with an invitation to a spa day with her. Colby thinks she’s being bribed. Liza admits she screwed up and is asking for a fresh start. Colby can’t get past her Damon tryst. She opens the door for Liza to leave and says they need to keep their distance. Liza says she’s ready to renew the relationship when Colby is. Colby works on her vlog when Maya comes in for the trash. Colby sees her arm and asks if she’s okay. She says yes and hurries out.

At Tad’s place, Opal colors Tad’s hair while he asks when to rinse the product out. The doorbell rings, Opal protests, but Tad goes to door gooey hair and all. When he’s gone opal reads the instructions and makes a concerned face. When he returns she’s worried that he was away too long. She lifts the towel and has a peek. When he asks if there’s still too much grey, she says, "You could say that."

Jake and Amanda are smooching when Jake hears something outside the tent at the hospital. They go back to their smooch but Jake is distracted. He admits being in the tent brings back bad memories. He begs to go somewhere else and goes on and on, obviously uncomfortable. He goes back to her and says he wants some action after the shift. She says she’ll need pizza to keep up her energy.

Cara joins Jake at the nurse’s station. He asks if she was in the tent a little while ago when he was with Amanda. She says yes, she didn’t want to interrupt them. Amanda is outside the door listening to them. As they separate, Amanda joins Cara. Amanda tells her about Jake being uncomfortable about being in the tent Cara says that's probably why Jake has never been to the tent. Amanda knows they’re lying.

Then Tad joins Jake and shows him his bad hair day. Jake is astounded and Tad says he was shooting for salt and pepper and winded up with strawberry jam. Jake tells him that he went freaky when Amanda wanted to make love in the tent. He admits he lied to Amanda when he bailed on her. Tad assures Jake that he and Cara did the right thing. They didn’t cross the line. He thanks Tad for being a great brother.

At The Yacht Club, Tad goes over to Cara wearing a ball cap and a hoodie. She suspects he’s hiding something and so he whips them off and his hair is a vivid blue. He says she’s married to a middle-aged smurf. Tad explains that Opal didn’t follow the instructions to the letter. He says he did it for her but she says she always loved his hair. They kid around and she says it’s funky. He says yes, “It’s funky for a rodeo clown.” She insists he leave the cap off.

At Fusion, JR tells Bianca that the music box worked like a charm. He asks her advice about romancing Marissa. He feels like a teenager. He wants to take Marissa to a play. She says it’s a bad idea. The play is about a girl who lost her parents in a car crash. It’s too close to home he be casual and make her laugh.

Later at the Chandler mansion, JR asks Marissa to go out. She says she has plans with Bianca. JR calls Bianca and wonders why she didn’t tell him. He has a favor to ask. Bianca cancels and later back at the mansion Marissa finds JR downstairs. She's free now.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Jake tells Angie he is trying to rekindle his relationship with Amanda by planning a trip.

Bianca apologizes to Krystal.

Past regrets are revealed.

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