After Ryan and Greenlee make plans for the day at home, a worried Scott drops by looking for Madison. Ryan thinks he might know where she is. Scott starts to follow him out, but Greenlee tells him to let Ryan do it alone. Ryan leaves and Greenlee tells a frustrated Scott that they have to let things play out the way they will. She hates it and doesn’t know how she fits into Ryan's grief right now, but she won't give up.

Brot finds Madison sleeping on a bench near her daughter's grave. Brot wants to take her home, but she's not ready to leave yet. Brot leaves and Ryan finds her. Ryan tells Madison that Sara wouldn't want her to give up. She would want her to go on and have a wonderful life. Ryan says they can honor her life by living their own. They talk about Scott and Ryan defends him, saying he's a good guy. Scott shows up and Ryan leaves them to talk. Scott tells Madison he wants to be with her and pleads his case. Although she doesn't hate him, she can't forget that he lied to her.

Randi helps Madison pack up her stuff at the apartment. Madison takes her up on the offer to stay with her and Frankie.

David sees Bianca counseling a battered woman at the hospital. He calls Jane, who demands to know if he's told anyone who she really is. Bianca happens upon him and orders him to leave her mother alone. David says her mother is just fine, but he wonders if something is wrong with her. He brings up her ordeal with Ricky and asks after Marissa. Bianca won't tell him anything. David wonders if Bianca is ready to be helping people after what just happened. She tells him she's been through worse. He remembers and offers his help. Bianca knows he always has an agenda and declares she doesn’t need any help.

Bianca runs into JR in another part of the hospital. JR says he and Marissa are getting to a great place. Bianca is wary, but JR declares he loves Marissa and will do whatever it takes to get her back. JR says Marissa is happy being with him and AJ and thinks a little encouragement from Bianca would help. Bianca tells him if he hurts Marissa again she will become his living, breathing nightmare.

Marissa sees David at the hospital. David tells her Bianca seemed to be struggling and Marissa races out to find her friend. JR happens upon David and says his song and dance at the board meeting won't get him anywhere because as long as Greenlee owns the hospital, he won't be welcomed back. David smugly tells Junior that he has no idea what he's capable of.

JR finds Scott drinking at the Yacht Club bar. He makes snide comments about Madison, so Scott punches him.

David stops by to see Greenlee at home. He wants assurances that she won't stand in his way of working at PVH once he gets his medical license back. She balks, so David shows her the letter "Erica" signed.

Bianca goes to Ricky's hotel room to confront her demons. Marissa finds Bianca, who is still rattled from that night. Marissa assures her she's just as on edge about it as she is. Marissa wants her to call when things get this bad because there is nothing wrong with needing somebody. Bianca is on the verge of telling her something, but holds back.

At home, "Erica" tells Jack she signed the letter for David. Jack is taken aback, but "Erica" says she did it so he wouldn't say anything about Kendall shooting him. Jack knows David always has an agenda and wants to stop him. "Erica" tells him not to. She makes a case for David and then says she's tired of the struggle. She just wants them to live life and be happy.

Greenlee confronts "Erica" who is dining with Jack at ConFusion. She furiously demands to know why she signed the letter for David. "Erica" tries to apologize, but Greenlee is outraged she now has to work with David on top of everything else. Greenlee says she needs to clear her full plate, starting with selling the hospital. "Erica" excuses herself and pulls David away from the bar. She demands to know if he's going to expose her, but he hasn't made up his mind. She tells him that Greenlee wants to sell the hospital. He suggests she buy it and he'll be her silent partner. In return, he'll keep her secret. She says he has a deal.

Greenlee finds Ryan near the cemetery. She tells him she'll stay all night there with him if she has to. He just wants to go home with her.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Bianca confides in Kendall.

Cara tries setting up Griffin and Kendall.

Scott takes the blame.

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