Jake and Cara meet up at the free clinic and note how familiar it all seems. They reminisce about Doctors Without Borders, but Jake says they can't do this anymore. She wants him to always remember her because she is grateful for her memories.

Jake whisks Amanda off to a romantic day in the park.

Tad brings Angie to a different part of the park. Angie tells him she knows he married Cara to keep her in the country, but their marriage looks real to her. Tad notes Cara still has feelings for Jake. He adds their marriage is okay and they're friends, but he doesn't expect it to become a real relationship.

Liza eavesdrops on Jesse and Brot in the park. She hears Jesse say he owes Brot.

Tad and Angie head to Krystal's. Liza finds Angie and asks to talk to her privately. Meanwhile, Tad and Cara discuss their situation with Jake at the bar. Tad knows the two of them have a lot of history, but Cara says all they have are memories. She thinks Tad must too with Dixie. She asks if he wants to talk about her. Tad shows Cara a picture of Dixie and says they were apart a lot, but they would wish on the same star.

Someone in a dingy room, weakly draws a star on the wall. The woman reveals her face and looks just like Dixie.

Jane wakes up in Erica's bed and lets out a 'woo-hoo' over being Erica Kane. Jack enters and she gushes over being with him. She's feeling energetic and can't believe she is there in the beautiful penthouse with her things and with him. Jack tells her there is a crowd of reporters outside, as well a police guard. She's thrilled about the reporters, but nervous about the cops. Jesse calls to say he's coming over to question her. As Jesse talks with "Erica" about her kidnapping, she says she doesn't remember much and pretends to get upset. Jack asks Jesse to leave. "Erica" says she wants to talk to the reporters and live life because Erica Kane always gets what she wants.

Jesse meets Angie at Krystal's. She tells him Liza is worried about him. Jesse brushes it off, when Angie expresses her concern.

Bianca stops by Kendall's and warns her sister what a dangerous game she is playing with Ricky. Ricky visits to see how "Erica" is doing. Bianca gets protective, saying they need to just be with family. Kendall intervenes and sticks up for Ricky. Bianca leaves to make a phone call and Ricky tells Kendall she should be with her family right now, but when they are alone there is something he wants to give her. The doorbell rings and Bianca opens the door to "Erica" and Jack. "Erica" remains exuberant, but acts a little awkward when the kids run in and hug her. She explains it away saying she's overwhelmed. Kendall and Bianca take the kids outside with the nanny. Ricky tells "Erica" he wants to take care of Kendall and he knows how much family means to her. He's glad they are there to be part of this and asks Kendall to marry him. Kendall is stunned and "Erica" declares how romantic it is. Jack intercedes and pulls Ricky away to give Kendall a moment. Bianca worries for Kendall, but Kendall thinks it'll be okay since Ricky loves her so much. Bianca wonders how many dead women have said that before. Kendall assures her she'll be okay and says she'll call her later. Bianca leaves and Kendall asks to talk to Ricky by herself. Ricky isn't sure what he'll do if Kendall says no to his proposal. She wants to be with him, but she doesn't feel she knows him that well. He says, "Marry me and I'll bare my soul to you." She takes off her other rings so Ricky can put his on her left finger. Kendall fights back her tears as Ricky says she has made him the happiest man in the world.

Jack and "Erica" return home. She says she wants a big and splashy wedding, but Jack thought she wanted a private affair. He then notices her engagement ring is missing. She lies and says it's at the hospital. Krystal's name comes up and Jack guilty admits he turned to Krystal when he thought she left him. "Erica" is completely understanding, which surprises Jack. She tells him she just wants to live in the moment so whatever happened before doesn’t matter now.

Jack shows up at Krystal's to pick up food for "Erica." They share an awkward moment but Krystal says she's happy for him.

Jane shows up to see Erica in captivity. Realizing what Jane is up to, Erica declares she will never take over her life.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Ricky opens up to Kendall.

Griffin is worried Ricky is on to him.

Emma sticks up for Greenlee.

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