After Annie blurts out to a stunned JR that she loves him. She apologizes for saying it like that but admits it's true. She hopes he loves her too, but then Caleb knocks on the door. JR hides Annie and answers to Caleb. He informs Junior that the SEC has ruled on Cortlandt Electronics and it's back where it belongs. JR thinks the decision can be overturned, but Caleb retorts he took his eye off the ball and allowed himself to be led around by his personal life. He warns if he's not careful, he could lose Chandler too. After more taunts, Caleb leaves. JR rushes out as well, leaving Annie behind. Amanda comes over and Annie tells her friend JR stormed out of there after learning about Cortlandt. She also admits she told him she loved him and that JR didn't say anything back. She doesn’t feel like the woman JR loves. She feels like some 'chick' being stashed away and she hates that. Annie points out how every time she gets close to happiness something gets in the way. Amanda thinks it might be her and urges suggests she trust that things will be good.

JR walks into the mansion to try and get a handle on things. His phones ring off the hook and he orders his assistant to answer them. His assistant hands him the phone because Adam is on the other end, but JR doesn't talk to him because he doesn’t know what to say. Marissa stops by and he tells her about Cortlandt. He starts yelling about how Chandler could be going under now as well and beats himself up about letting AJ down. Marissa knows AJ doesn't care about the company and is confident he will figure something out. She reminds him he is a good father and that when he had cancer, he lived for AJ. She encourages him to call Adam and offers to be there for him when he does. She hands him the phone and JR talks with his father, which goes better than expected. JR tells Marissa he wouldn’t have been able to do that without her there. Annie walks in and sees them in a close moment. Marissa leaves and Annie tells JR she doesn't like being this person.

In her living room, Kendall freaks out over charges being brought against Erica, but Jack and Erica don't think they will stick. Erica wants her to focus on what is really important, which is her children. She assures her everything will be fine. Kendall cries as she wonders how she's supposed to handle everything with all she's lost and declares Erica should be given a medal for shooting David, not get sent to jail. Kendall leaves and Erica tells Jack everything has to be alright.

Erica heads over to Wildwind where Caleb is ready to celebrate. He tells her how sweet it was to see JR twist when he heard the news. Caleb apologizes for resisting her help at first, but thinks they can make the company great again. He even has a position in mind for Asher. He can't remember the last time he felt this good and notes it feels good to be back in the game. He owes most of it to her. Caleb gets a call and learns about her indictment. Erica thinks him getting her off on a murder charge will be a piece of cake after besting the Chandlers.

Randi comes upon Greenlee at the hospital as she learns Madison is pregnant. Randi wonders if she's okay because she looks like she just saw ghost. Greenlee brings up Madison. She says she'd like to help her and suggests Randi or her friends could get her to go out or fix her up with someone. Randi explains they already tried, but it didn’t work. Greenlee says, "So, there hasn't been anyone else?" Randi replies, Madison only has eyes for Ryan. Randi steps away to call Madison to meet for lunch and then tells Greenlee the only way to help Madison is to stay away from her.

Greenlee enters Krystal's and finds Kendall. She says she's worried about Madison, but Kendall informs her Madison is leaving town. Kendall wants her to keep her distance from both Madison and Erica. She tells her to have a great Christmas because someone should and then leaves.

After Madison tells Ryan at ConFusion that she will move on and survive, she drops her phone when it rings. Ryan picks it up and sees that Pine Valley hospital is calling her. Ryan wonders if everything is okay, but Madison says it would be a lot easier if he would stop worrying about her. Madison leaves and Ryan calls a doctor to set up an appointment for Madison's shoulder. He says he wants to cover the costs.

Madison hightails it to the hospital and tells Frankie Ryan found out she's leaving town, but she didn’t tell him about the baby. She says there's no good way to tell someone who is in love with someone else, "Hey, guess what? I'm pregnant. WooHoo!" Frankie says, "I'd leave out the WooHoo." Madison then runs into Ryan and the doctor he got for her. Madison tells Ryan to stop hanging on to her because of his guilt. Ryan just wants to help, but Madison wants Ryan to leave her alone and let her stand on her own two feet. Later, Frankie finds Ryan after talking with Madison. Frankie orders Ryan to stay away from her. Frankie walks away and Kendall calls Ryan because Spike, who misses Daddy Zach, needs him.

Greenlee finds Madison at ConFusion and tells her she knows she's pregnant.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Greenlee contemplates telling Ryan about the baby.

Kendall interrupts Griffin's meeting.

Jake is concerned about Cara having lunch with Amanda.

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