Annie and Amanda have a drink at Krystal's, as JR and Marissa walk in with shopping bags. Annie stews as she witnesses JR and Marissa having a good time together. He sees Annie and tells Marissa he has to talk to her about Chandler business. He walks over to ask Annie if she can reschedule the "PR meeting." Through clenched teeth, she says she'll take care of it. Amanda tries to talk Annie down from her jealousy as JR heads back to his table. Annie then gets a text from JR who says he wants to jump across the room and kiss her. Annie smiles and then runs out to care of some things. As JR and Marissa eat, she gets a phone call. She steps away to coyly take it and when she returns, JR asks who she was talking to. She retorts he doesn’t get to ask her those kinds of questions. He wonders if she's seeing someone, but she reminds him they have their own lives. She says she'll see him at Christmas and leaves.

JR meets Annie in the hotel room. She lashes out about having to watch him with Marissa, while they hide their relationship. She feels like a trashy mistress while he is out living his life. JR tells her how much she means to him and kisses her. He assures her he wants to be with her, but she says it's hard for her not to scream out to the world, "I love you!"

In David's room, Greenlee and Ryan learn Liza is David's new advocate. Ryan thinks she's using this new position in order to nail Erica. Liza assures him that's not the case and leaves. Ryan leaves as well and Greenlee tells her comatose husband she doesn't hate him and that she is finally happy. She hopes one day he wakes up and can be as happy as she is. Liza returns and Greenlee says, "He's all yours," and leaves the room. Liza wonders if David really tried to kill Ryan or if this was just Erica's opportunity to get him. She knows he's a son of a bitch, but he doesn’t deserve this.

At Kendall's, Madison tells her she's leaving town. Kendall assumes it's because of Ryan. Madison responds, "Ryan and a lot more." Madison helps Kendall put together a railroad for the boys as they further discuss Madison's plight. Reverend Ricky Torres stops by and gets to work helping with the toys. Madison leaves and Ricky asks Kendall if she's able to move ahead. She admits she has her good and bad days and he urges her to call him on either. Ricky heads out and runs into Ryan, who asks how Kendall is doing. Ricky thinks she will need everyone she knows to help her move on. Ryan knocks on the door and finds Kendall trying to finish putting together the railroad. When it starts to fall apart, Ryan takes over and fixes it. Ryan asks if her anger towards him and Greenlee will ever stop. Kendall is always reminded of how Zach died when she sees them. She adds, it's not like she can pull a Madison and just leave town. Ryan questions her about Madison leaving. She tells him he broke Madison's heart and she is constantly reminded of what she used to have by living there. He wishes he could fix things for Madison and for Kendall, but Kendall tells him he can't. Ryan asks about Christmas and Kendall says they will do the holiday for Spike. Ryan asks her not to shut him out but she needs him to accept this.

Madison finds Frankie at the hospital to tell him she plans to find a job somewhere other than Pine Valley. Running into Ryan and Greenlee all the time just makes her more confused, but Frankie reminds her she can run from Ryan, but she can't run from her baby. Greenlee walks by and sees them talking. Madison turns and walks away when she notices Greenlee staring at her.

After swiping David's hospital key card which contains his password, Greenlee jumps on a computer to search for Madison's records. Ryan finds Greenlee who says she's taking care of hospital business and has a ton of emails to go through. Ryan walks away and Greenlee discovers that Madison is pregnant.

Ryan finds Madison at ConFusion and asks her not to leave town. She angrily says she can't take this anymore.

Caleb joins Erica and Jack at ConFusion. He says he hasn't heard anything from the D.A.'s office, so he thinks they should make it look like Liza is using Erica's celebrity to climb her professional ladder. Jack and Caleb want to use the public's sympathy regarding Kendall to help her case. Erica declares Kendall and the rest of her family are off limits. She thinks dealing with Liza one on one is the best way to go, but the men think that's out of the question. Jack offers to talk to Liza himself and sets out to do just that. Erica gets a call from the SEC who tells her Caleb is once again the owner of Cortlandt Electronics. Caleb grabs Erica in an embrace and says they need to celebrate. She has to see Kendall first and suggests they celebrate when the dust settles. She congratulates him and says Palmer would be proud.

Jack approaches Liza at the hospital. She tells him he just saved her a phone call.

Erica visits Kendall at home and assures her worried daughter she is in good hands with Jack and Caleb where her case is concerned. Erica brings up Christmas, but Kendall doesn’t know if she is strong enough to get through this. Jack stops by and tells Erica Liza is bringing attempted murder charges against her.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Madison wants Ryan to stop trying to help her.

Greenlee tells Madison she knows about the baby.

Marissa is there for JR.

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