After Ryan and Madison pick a place to vacation some time down the road at his place, Liza stops by to accuse Ryan of helping Greenlee. Madison blurts out that Greenlee was the one to threaten David which piques Liza's interest. Ryan tells Madison not to say anymore, but Liza continues to question Madison. Once Liza leaves, Madison apologizes for messing things up. Ryan says it's okay, it just complicates things. Madison asks him what if Greenlee really did kill David. Ryan knows she didn't do it. He wants to get back to tentatively planning their trip and she says tentative is better than nothing. She knows if they went away now, they would both only be thinking of Greenlee. She encourages him to visit Greenlee in jail and wonders how she can help make it better. He tells her she helps just by being there and leaves.

In the interrogation room, Greenlee thanks Kendall for helping her, but insists they keep Ryan out of it. Greenlee's lawyer enters the room and Greenlee asks Kendall to stay. They go over her case and the lawyer asks how she would feel about a plea bargain. Greenlee says no. Liza walks in and lets them know Greenlee's bail hearing is in an hour and that she will be requesting Greenlee be held without bail. Kendall leaves and Liza tells Greenlee Madison filled her in on the threat against David. Greenlee tells Liza she loved David and would never kill him. She declares she's innocent as Liza and the lawyer leave the room. Ryan walks in and sees through the brave front Greenlee tries to present. He wants to know what she's not telling him.

JR and Marissa meet at ConFusion. She gives him divorce papers, but after he looks at them, he declares she will never take AJ from him. He warns her again he will stop at nothing to keep his son. She knows what he's capable of, but she tells him he has no idea what she is capable of. They leave and Kendall enters. She sees Madison who tells her what she let slip to Liza. Kendall wonders what she was thinking and accuses her of trying to send Greenlee to prison to keep her out of Ryan's life. Kendall urges her to tell Liza she made a mistake and made up what she said about Greenlee.

Scott brings Emma to Annie at the mansion with a picture for her. Emma tells her what a great mother she is and Scott says she's a great wife as well. They go downstairs and Annie expresses how happy she is. Alone in the main room, Annie sees JR storm in furious with Marissa for trying to take his son from him. Annie thinks they can work something out, but JR says Marissa hates him. However, Marissa has no idea how much hate he can deliver. Annie lets JR know she would testify on his behalf and declares he won't lose his son. He thinks it's funny she is the one who knows him the best.

Scott plays a board game with the kids in his bedroom when Marissa comes up to get AJ for the park. She tells Scott about her confrontation with JR. She says their affair will probably come out, as well as JR and Annie's. He knows and understands.

Scott goes downstairs and tells JR he knows how he can fix things. JR doesn’t want to hear what he has to say, but Annie asks what he thinks. Scott suggests JR prove to Marissa AJ is safe around him. JR is still resistant, but Scott pleads with him to take the first step and to come to the cocktail party so he can prove to the board and Marissa that they are not at each other's throats. Annie thinks it's a great idea and JR accepts.

Annie and Scott head back upstairs to their bedroom and they talk about JR and Marissa. Scott doesn't like staying there because he hates all the fighting. He is reminded of his father who used to tell him there's more to life than money and power. Family is what it's all about and what's important. He doesn't want to lose that feeling. Annie doesn't either and she tells him she loves him.

JR returns to ConFusion and sees Liza at the bar. She tells him she will be at Annie's party, but JR suggests she not go. Liza already told Annie she'd be there. JR tells her he will handle Annie and the other guests. He adds if she goes then Colby will hate her for giving Annie another ounce of credibility. Liza backs down and tells him to give Annie her best.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

JR finds Marissa and Annie arguing.

Scott goes to Europe on business.

Ryan helps Greenlee stay calm behind bars.

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