Angie and Tad visit Jesse at the station and the cops congratulate the Hubbards on their baby. Brot tells them they all signed up to be on call for whenever they need someone to take Angie to doctor's appointments and to babysit. Angie and Jesse are touched and Brot notices Natalia crying. He pulls her into the interrogation room where she tells him she wishes things didn't have to be this way for her dad and Angie. Brot points out Jesse and Angie look happy and that nothing gets Angie down. Natalia agrees she is amazing and tells him Angie said they were good together. She asks him to dinner and he wonders if she is asking him on a date. He smiles at first, but then says no. Back in the squad room, Jesse takes a call from the mayor as Tad comforts Angie who is still trying to deal with all the changes in her life. Later, Brot finds Natalia in the squad room and explains that he said no because he wanted to be the one to ask her out. When he does, she says no because he's acting like a male chauvinist. They bicker and Brot wonders if she wants to go out or not. They both admit they want to and agree to having dinner together.

Jesse, Tad and Angie go to the Yacht Club, where Tad and Jesse hover, but Angie wants to do things on her own. Tad reads Angie the menu in a bad French accent lightening up the mood when Angle spills some water and the waiter acts uncomfortable when he learns she is blind.

Colby finds Damon crashed on a table at Krystal's from studying too much. She wakes him up to take him home. They leave as Caleb walks in. He finds Krystal and tells her Asher was the one who hit him on the head and that he's working with JR.

At the mansion, JR and Asher talk about Caleb. JR understands dealing with a father from hell and wants to help him. Besides, Asher bashed Caleb in the head with a laptop so he's okay in his book, but they still have to finish the job. Caleb stops by the mansion and JR orders Asher to hide. Caleb walks in the room and accuses JR of hiring Asher to attack him. Caleb warns him, now that he's inside Chandler, he just might take over the whole corporation.

Scott wakes Annie up at home from a dream she was having about JR. He tells her he found a house for them, but she doesn’t want to leave the mansion, worried about uprooting Emma again. Annie wants to have a party to celebrate Scott's success and to prove all the society women who thought she was just a trophy wife wrong. He likes the idea but wants to wait. Scott leaves and JR comes to the room looking for his cousin. He finds Annie in a towel instead. She tells him to leave because she has to get dressed. He says, "Don't let me stop you." Annie drops her towel and tells him to take a good long look because it's the last time he'll see her like this again. She puts her robe on as JR says he needs to find Scott to talk about Caleb. She tells him he's at the office and he leaves, as Annie looks a bit flustered.

Once dressed, Annie finds JR downstairs and tells him she and Scott are throwing a party for all the executives at Chandler. He's onboard, much to her surprise, and suggests she look stunning and that Scott get her diamonds so she looks nothing short of royalty. He knows what Annie wants and always has. Clearly rattled, Annie walks out of the room.

Annie and Scott meet up in their room where he tells her she looks stunning all on her own and doesn't need jewelry. He then tells her to go ahead with the cocktail party, which thrills her.

Colby and Damon go back to the mansion where he worries about the GED. She notes he's come a long way from needing someone to bail him out of jail all the time. He wonders if she misses the bad boy he used to be and she says a little bit. He throws all the books off the bed and kisses her. They continue to make out, but are interrupted by Asher who is looking to just get in the car and go somewhere with Colby. He sees Damon and says he should probably leave. Colby wants to know what Asher does for JR, but he's vague and walks away. Damon and Colby get back to what they were doing and end up in bed. After they have sex, Damon tells Colby he wants to make her happy. She assures him he does and they end up talking about Asher. She points out he always changes the subject when they ask about this life. Damon kisses her to get her mind off Asher.

Asher walks outside and is ambushed by Caleb who pins him against the wall. Asher dares him to hit him, but Caleb just warns him to stay away from him and everyone in his home and walks away.

Asher goes back inside the mansion and tells JR what just happened with Caleb. JR tells Asher to stick with him and they will drive Caleb back to the woods.

Caleb returns to Krystal's and updates her on his interactions with JR and Asher. He says some men shouldn't be fathers and tells Krystal he will make sure Marissa wins her custody battle with JR.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Madison gives Liza some info on Greenlee.

Ryan wonders if there is anything Greenlee hasn't told him.

JR wants to invent a crisis to get Scott out of town.

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