After JR gets his report on Asher, he calls his new employee and leaves a message. Colby walks in the room and JR asks his sister how well she knows Asher. She assures him she doesn't think he's after their money and he asks how she met him. She thinks he knows something he's not sharing because he has that look their father used to get. She says she misses Adam and JR tells her she can come to him if she ever needs anything. They get back to Asher and she tells him Asher is working at Wildwind today and JR runs out of the house.

JR bursts into Wildwind, as Asher tries to talk to Caleb. JR wants to talk business and asks Asher to leave.

JR and Asher meet back at the mansion. JR tells him he knows who he really is – Asher Cooney, Caleb's son. Asher denies it but when JR presses it Asher says he doesn't have to tell him a damn thing. JR wants him to use his bad attitude to get what they both want – Caleb on the ground begging for mercy. JR catches Asher up on their family connection and asks Asher about how he knew Caleb was his father. Asher explains he never saw him before but he received a letter from Palmer who suggested he come to Pine Valley to look for his father. Asher agrees to work with him, but only if there are no questions about his past. JR knows Asher was going to tell Caleb he was his son, but he wants him to wait. Asher realizes he wants to use the information to really hurt him and says he's in.

Madison calls Frankie from Fusion to get his opinion on her vacation destination. She leaves a message, hangs up and turns around to find Randi glaring at her. Randi says she might be a better person to help her plan her trip than Frankie.

Randi and Madison go back to Ryan's discussing Madison and Ryan's trip. Madison notes how Greenlee keeps getting in their way and Randi tells her no woman likes her man being with someone else. Madison notes they are talking about them now and assures her she and Frankie are just friends. Madison knows that Frankie is in love with her and has been from the very beginning. Madison also assures Randi she wants to be friends with her as well. Randi hopes Madison gets whatever she wants, as long as it's not Frankie. Where Randi comes from, men and women aren't friends without someone wondering what if. Madison vows that will never happen, but Randi warns she will hurt anyone who gets in between her and Frankie. She asks, "Wouldn’t you do that for Ryan?"

In the interrogation room, Kendall tries to convince Greenlee to tell Ryan she found the vial in his pocket, but she refuses. Kendall realizes Greenlee is still in love with Ryan and wants him back. After learning from Krystal what Greenlee has done, Marissa bursts into the room to lash out at her stepmother for forging the letters from David. Jesse pulls Marissa out of the room and Kendall follows to try and defend what Greenlee did. Back in the interrogation room, Ryan encourages Greenlee to keep quiet until they get her a lawyer. He wants to call Jack, but Greenlee doesn't want him involved. Ryan gets a call from Madison, but he ignores it. She urges him to go to her and promises she'll be fine. Ryan leaves and Kendall returns to tell her she contacted her lawyer. Greenlee says she encouraged Ryan to go home to Madison, but she's not worried. Kendall can't believe her life is on the line, but all she can think of is Ryan. Greenlee is just trying to focus on something that doesn't make her cry at night. Kendall angrily says she is having the same problem because her marriage is on shaky ground. She says they need to come up with a way to get Greenlee out of jail and herself less alone at night. Greenlee apologizes for not considering Kendall's problems associated with helping her. Greenlee will help her out any way she can with Zach. Jesse comes to the room to take Greenlee to her cell. Kendall asks if she can go with her, but Jesse tells her of course not. Kendall leaves and Jesse leads Greenlee away.

Ryan joins Madison at home and tells her what's going on with Greenlee. He then wants to talk about their trip, but she says they can't go with everything hanging over Greenlee's head. When they go away together she wants him to only think about her.

Krystal brings Marissa back to Wildwind, after JR and Caleb have left. Marissa is worried about Caleb because he's not answering his phone and she needs to tell him JR and Asher were behind his attack. They talk about her custody fight over AJ and Krystal urges her to take care of herself and her son. Krystal leaves and Caleb returns. He isn't surprised to hear Asher is working for JR and already assumed that Asher was the one to hit him. He says he made a big mistake.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Annie wants to throw a party.

Colby wants Damon to be wild and carefree.

Natalia asks Brot on a date.

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