Amanda and Jake get ready for a double date with Annie and Scott while at the Martin household. Jake doesn't want to go, but Amanda feels bad because she always sees her while out with the kids and she can't think of a reason not to accept her invitation.

Annie and JR bump into each other at the yacht club. Annie gets nervous, but tells JR life with Scott couldn't be any better. JR dryly says, "If you say so," and walks away. Jake and Amanda enter and Jake again wonders why they are dining with the Chandlers. Amanda thinks Annie is trying to get her life together and it would be nice to hang out with other people. They sit with Annie and Scott and the foursome engage in uncomfortable small talk. Annie looks envious as Jake and Amanda tell them about one of their date night rituals. Annie says life is great at work and with Scott, but she misses having real friends.

Amanda finds Annie in the bathroom and wonders if she's crying. Annie tells her she just has makeup in her eye but she wonders how Amanda and Jake keep such a perfect marriage. She says she's happy with Scott, but JR is always causing problems for Scott. Amanda understands, based on her experience with him, but thinks if she really loves Scott she'll make it work. Annie says she's been married four times, but Scott is the first real husband she's had so in her heart he's her first and last.

Back at the table in the club, Scott and Jake discuss Caleb and how Scott is doing business with him. Jake wonders what JR thinks, but Scott sya to hell with JR as Annie and Amanda return. Annie tries to downplay Scott's surly attitude, but Jake is ready to get the check.

Jake and Amanda return to the house to pick Trevor up from Opal. They tell her about their evening and Jake hopes they don't have to do any more couple things with them. Amanda thinks if she deserved a second chance than so does Annie.

In their room, Annie casually mentions to Scott that she bumped into JR before their dinner. He wonders why she didn’t mention it before and she says JR isn't worth it. She tells him he can't let JR get to him and that no one can shake what they have.

Kendall gets nervous at Fusion as she prepares to meet with Zach. She hopes he'll want to put everything behind them as much as she does so they can finally move on.

Kendall heads outside and calls Zach. She leaves a message and says she can't wait to see him. Bianca finds her to say Zach called and he's not coming. He needs time to process all she's done for Ryan and Greenlee and will be in touch when he's less angry.

In the park, Ryan tries to defend Greenlee to Jesse, but he goes down the list of evidence against her. Greenlee insists she did not kill David. He asks how she ended up with the vial and she says she found it in her and David's room, but Jesse doesn't buy it.

Ryan and Greenlee go to the station with Jesse. Privately, Ryan asks if Greenlee killed David. She insists she's innocent, but Ryan worries Liza will be able to pin it on her. After getting filed in by Ryan, Kendall joins them at the police station. Ryan steps out of the interrogation room and Greenlee declares they need to keep quiet about what they know about Ryan. She tells Kendall Ryan admitted he still loves her while under going hypnotherapy, but he hasn't said anything to her. Kendall says that Ryan told her no mater what he feels for her their time together has passed.

Out in the squad room, Jesse tells Ryan the vial tested positive for Digitalis and he also saw Greenlee on the security tapes handing David a drink, which was the one that killed him.

After being gruffly treated by Caleb again, Asher races over to the mansion. He tells JR he needs to step up his plan and suggests going after Caleb's soft spot, such as Bianca and her kids. JR warns Asher not to go near them and says he's got it handled. Asher angrily says, "Whatever you say boss," as Marissa walks in. Asher runs out and Marissa accuses JR of hiring Asher to attack Caleb. JR declares he had nothing to do with it, but Marissa is furious telling him AJ was the first one to find Caleb on the ground. They fight about AJ and Marissa declares she will be suing for full custody. JR warns her she will never take JR from him and threatens to blow her out of the water. She tells him to go for it, but he throws the massage parlor she worked for and sleeping with Scott in her face. He warns he will do what it takes to win, but she knows how he fights and what she has to do to win. Marissa storms out. Later, JR gets the info he ordered on Asher.

Miranda brings Bianca her phone with Erica's most recent tweet on it at Wildwind. They wonder if Caleb is interested in what Erica's up to, but he says no. Bianca questions Caleb about her mother and notes he's not exactly the same man Erica met in West Virginia. Asher later returns to work on the computer and Caleb asks if he got the tool he needed. Asher angrily picks up a wrench and says, "I got it right here."

Tomorrow's Pine Valley Spoilers for All My Children:

JR confronts Asher about his true identity.

Marissa tells Caleb Asher was the one to hit him.

Madison reassures Randi about Frankie.

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