Randi visits Natalia at the station, who worries about her brother spending too much time with Madison. Randi tells her Madison is crazy about Ryan and she and Frankie are happy so there is nothing to worry about. Randi leaves and Brot chastises Natalia for stirring up trouble. They debate Madison's motives and Brot reminds her how much Frankie is in love with Randi. Natalia knows what she sees, but Brot thinks Frankie and Randi will stay happy. Natalia recalls that her parents were happy, but they don't automatically stay that way.

At his place, Ryan tells Madison they are going to rule David's death as a suicide and he will leave it at that. He tells her there are better things to focus on and he kisses her. He thinks once they put the case to bed they will all be free. Madison says, "Like Greenlee." Ryan assures her Greenlee will be out of their lives now and aside from Emma there will be no distractions. He suggests they go on a trip because from now on she and the kids are his priority. Madison wonders if Greenlee knows that and he says she will and then passionately kisses her.

Frankie finds Madison at Fusion who is having problems with her computer mouse. He helps her out as she tells him she and Ryan are planning a vacation. Frankie wonders if she worries Greenlee will spoil things, but Madison says she's not in trouble anymore and now Ryan is ready to focus on them. Frankie thinks it's about time he realized how lucky he was. They joke around talking about where Madison and Ryan will go on their trip, as Randi watches them from around the corner. She reveals herself and Frankie kisses his wife. Randi coolly asks Madison to handle her photo shoot details and Madison says she will after she delivers some papers. Madison leaves and Frankie and Randi make plans to go on a date. They kiss and hug, but Randi doesn't look pleased.

In the park, Tad doubts David committed suicide and assumes Greenlee wrote the letters from him. He understands why she did it and he wants to help her, but he needs her to be honest with him. Greenlee admits it was her, but explains she just wanted to help the people she loves and to help the people in David's life move on. He warns he won't lie for her, but promises he won't expose her either. Tad leaves and David appears wondering how Greenlee could do this to him. He thinks the letters make him look like a coward, but Greenlee was just trying to help people move on. He wants her to admit she's in love with Ryan and she does. David wonders if they can live happily ever after even though she thinks Ryan killed him. She cries and says she never wanted to hurt him. Ryan finds her to tell her he's ready to move on with his life. She assumes he's done with her, but he vows they will be in each other's lives forever. He tells her he's going on a trip with Madison and she wonders if he loves her. Ryan says Madison is an important part of his life. He's not sure if they have a future together but he will figure it out. The only way for him to focus on his life is to take a step back from Greenlee. He knows it will take time, but he can't wait until she finds happiness, whatever that means for her. She recalls Ryan saying he loved her while undergoing hypnotherapy and broaches the subject with him.

Jesse brings Angie to her doctor's appointment at the hospital and he tries to describe what he sees on the sonogram. He's not sure what he sees, but he says it's alive and kicking. Afterwards, Jesse gets a call and tells Angie there were no fingerprints on the letters David wrote. He had his signature analyzed which proved it was fake. Tad walks up and says just because someone forged a couple of letters doesn’t mean that person killed David. Jesse can't let it go, but Tad wonders what if that means he has to put a friend in prison. Jesse worries about that but Angie and Tad know he'll do the right thing. After Tad and Angie make lunch plans, Tad leaves the room and the doctor gives Jesse and Angie a photo of their baby. All Jesse can see is a blur and a bigger blur. Angie doesn't care because it's going in the scrapbook anyway.

As Ryan and Greenlee talk about his session in the park, Jesse arrives to question Greenlee about the letters. Brot shows up with a vial he found in her glove compartment.

Tad has to stop at home before he and Angie head out for lunch. She tells Tad she knows it kills Jesse that she can't see their child and that he acted like the picture was no big deal in order to spare her feelings. Tad tells her it will take some time for everyone to be as okay and brave as she is about her blindness. She doesn't want everyone treating her like an invalid. Tad promises he's not because he's only taking her out to lunch so he can park in the handicapped zone. She laughs and then he asks to see the sonogram photo. Tad tells her the baby looks just like Jesse and she laughs again.

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