After knocking Caleb out at Wildwind, Asher steals some papers out of his briefcase. Before he can make a break for it, Krystal, Marissa and AJ run into the room and ask Asher what happened. Asher says he was just going to call the police and they help Caleb to the couch. Marissa takes AJ upstairs as Krystal says they have to call the police. Caleb balks and Asher leaves. Marissa and AJ return as Caleb looks in his briefcase and then leaves to 'get some air'.

At the mansion, JR suggests to Colby that she not limit herself to just dating Damon considering she's a Chandler and he's just a busboy. Asher comes by to give JR the papers he took from Caleb. When Colby asks too many questions about it JR gives her some money to take Damon out for dinner. JR tells Asher he did a good job and then Asher leaves with Colby. Caleb comes over and accuses JR of attacking him because the letter missing from his briefcase wouldn't mean anything to anyone except him. JR denies it.

Caleb returns to Wildwind where Marissa and Krystal are consoling an upset AJ. Caleb tells him nothing like this will happen again. Caleb tells Krystal he thinks JR hired someone to attack him.

Damon tells Tad JR isn't exactly thrilled he's dating Colby. Tad says he will have a talk with his stepson and tries to bolster Damon's moral. Colby and Asher come to Krystal's and tell him they are taking him out for lobster on JR. Colby steps away and Damon expresses his disdain over having Colby pay with JR's money. Asher thinks he's crazy to turn this down, but Damon says there was a time he would have jumped at the offer, but he's not that guy any more. Asher says he went to school with rich kids and they took everything they had for granted so he figures if it's offered, he's taking it. Damon notes Asher grew up without parents, but says now that he has Tad he appreciates people looking after him. JR calls Asher demanding he come over right now. After Asher has left, Damon agrees to dinner with Colby, but next time he's buying and it will be just the two of them.

Back at the mansion, JR lays into Asher for hitting Caleb and tells him not to do anything he doesn't tell him to do from now on. Asher agrees but says the old man went down hard and he would have liked it. Asher leaves and JR calls someone to find out everything he can about Asher Pike.

Tad goes to Ryan's who doesn't believe David killed himself and asks Tad to keep digging.

Greenlee comes to Fusion and reads her letter from David. She whispers, "I'm sorry David," as Kendall walks in. Greenlee tells her she's looking for a place to live because she can't take the club anymore. Kendall sees David's letter and says not everyone thinks the letters are real or that David wanted to die. Greenlee says they need to convince those people otherwise. She explains how David lost everything that mattered to him in his life and when she left him, it was too much. Kendall has to get to Liza's office to sign her plea deal, which Tad helped her with. Kendall leaves and Greenlee recalls moments with both David and Ryan.

Ryan runs into Greenlee at the hospital. He tells her he's meeting with the hypnotherapist so he can find out what really happened because he doesn't believe David took his own life. Greenlee wonders why he can't accept that it could be true and encourages him to move forward. Once Greenlee has left, Ryan calls to cancel his appointment with the doctor.

Ryan goes home and when Madison comes over he tells her he's going to start living his life right now and kisses her.

Greenlee sees Marissa in the park where they talk about David and how his father also killed himself. Greenlee thinks the pain and tragedy ends with Marissa and that she'll live the life David wanted her to live. Marissa cries as she recounts how she rejected David when he tried to reach out to her. She thinks if she knew the man in the letter things could have been different. Greenlee assures her none of this was her fault and that David wrote the letter to give her peace. Marissa leaves and Tad approaches Greenlee. Tad questions Greenlee about David and she realizes Ryan hired him. Tad says he saw Greenlee talking with Marissa and assumes David didn't write the letters – she did.

Kendall meets with Liza in her office who offers her 250 hours of community service. Kendall says she can't do that because she has somewhere to be. Liza tells her she needs to be at Memorial Park tomorrow morning and reminds her she's getting off easy. Kendall's lawyer concurs that it's a fair deal and Kendall agrees to it. Bianca enters as Liza leaves and Kendall fills her sister in on the terms of her release, but worries she'll need a divorce attorney.

Bianca and Kendall come to Fusion where Kendall continues to worry about Zach finding out about her legal issues. After Kendall finally gets Zach on the phone, they make plans to meet in the park and she hangs up. She tells Bianca she told Zach everything and he wasn't surprised.

Next on All My Children:

Brot reprimands Natalia.

Randi sees Madison and Frankie together.

Jesse comes for a new suspect.

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