As the Kane sisters enjoy juice and coffee at Wildwind, Bianca chastises Kendall for jumping bail. Marissa and AJ come over and Marissa tells them she has to have David's things removed from his room and she was given a letter from her deceased father, but she hasn't opened it yet. She leaves after thanking Bianca for taking AJ to school.

Marissa goes to David's room, looks through his things and then crumples up his letter. Bianca and Kendall come to check on her, but she insists she's fine. They sit with Marissa and assure her she's not alone. Marissa cries as she talks about her complicated relationship with David. Kendall gives her a lamp and encourages her to throw it in order to get out what she's feeling. Marissa doesn’t think she can but Kendall tells her to stop being a good girl and let it out. Marissa throws it and then continues on to trash the rest of the room. Marissa feels better and then they head back to Wildwind with David's letter.

In bed, Damon wonders what he did to deserve a sleeping Colby. He starts to get out of bed to go to work. She wakes up and says she has to meet Asher to see a social networking site he made for Chandler.

Damon runs into Tad at Krystal's and Tad learns Damon is taking the GED again. Tad is happy to hear it and offers to help him study. Tad says he has to go see Liza and Damon notes Colby still isn't talking to her. The men discuss how the women miss each other and Damon asks Tad to give Liza a push in Colby's direction. Tad says Liza only has herself to blame for what happened, but he will give it a shot.

Tad finds Liza at her new office to ask her to try and put the bad blood behind them. Liza is skeptical, but Tad offers to help her solve David's murder. He brings up Kendall and asks her to have a heart where she is concerned. She agrees to try and get the court date moved up and will look into community service for her. Tad thanks her but she is only doing this to prove to everyone she's not the vindictive monster they think she is. Before he leaves, Tad urges her not to give up on Colby.

Caleb sees JR and Scott at the Yacht Club and takes joy in telling JR they are in business together. Scott joins in on the fun of telling his cousin Caleb is investing with them and he already wrote a press release about it. Caleb gives him a report and suggests JR read it and then they can talk. He leaves and JR calls Scott crazy for bringing Caleb in, thinking they will all go to prison. Scott makes it clear he has it all under control and wonders when JR will stop underestimating him. JR knows he did this for reasons other than business.

Downstairs in the mansion, Asher looks at photos on the mantel as Annie walks in wondering who he is. He says he's meeting Colby and tries to charm her. She says she will let Colby know he's there. Colby comes down and Annie listens in as Asher explains the site he created for Chandler. Colby gets annoyed with Annie's lurking and she leaves. Colby asks Asher about where he's from and if he left anyone behind. He tells her there was no one special and he has too much work to do before he can think about a relationship. JR busts into the mansion furious about Scott and Caleb. He tells Colby what's going on, but thinks there must be some way to get his hands on the deal the two of them made, piquing Asher's interest. After everyone else has left, Damon comes back to see Colby on his break. He assures her he won't be bussing tables forever, but she says it doesn't matter to her. He doesn’t know what he wants to do but he will figure it out.

JR goes upstairs to find Annie in her bedroom. He accuses her of manipulating Scott into bringing Caleb into the company. Annie denies it, but JR knows Scott doesn't have the killer instinct they do. He thanks her for showing her hand and revealing that he's starting to get to her. Annie laughs at him and shows him photos of her and Scott on their honeymoon to prove how in love she is with her husband. She adds if anyone has gotten to someone – she has gotten to him. She declares he will never have her again, but JR accuses her of thinking of him when she was having sex with Scott on their honeymoon.

Asher comes to Wildwind and tells Caleb he has work to do for Bianca. Caleb tells him to come in and get it over with. Asher works on the computer as Kendall, Bianca and Marissa play with the kids. Marissa steps away and reads David's letter. Kendall and Bianca ask about it and Marissa tells them David said he loved her and that's all she needs to remember. Asher gets up to get a program to finish the install and Bianca says she lives in fear of the computer screen going blank. Caleb walks in and says that's why he keeps all his important papers in his briefcase. He puts it on the desk as Asher eyes it and leaves. Someone rings the doorbell and as Caleb answers it he sees a package on the ground. He bends over to pick it up and gets whacked in the head.

Next on All My Children:

Asher gives JR a contract he took from Caleb.

Kendall receives community service.

Zach's reaction surprises Kendall.

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