In her and David's room, Greenlee tells Jesse she is the reason David is dead because he reacted in an extreme manner when she pulled away from him. She says she didn’t put the poison in the glass, but she might as well have. Jesse wonders if she is saying David killed himself and notes it doesn't fit what they already know. Jesse doesn’t think David was the kind of guy to jump ship when the going got rough. Greenlee tells him about a secret drawer David had and Jesse opens it and finds some letters. She tells him she's never seen them before and doesn't know when they were put there. Jesse says they have to read them and opens the one addressed to her. She doesn't want to do it there and they leave.

Jake and Amanda make out while waiting for Tad at Krystal's. He walks in and Amanda leaves as Jake and Tad sit at a table. Liza comes over and offers to buy them a drink, but they aren't receptive and she walks away. Jake toasts to David being gone, but Tad doesn't feel it's right to celebrate, saying his death could cause problems for someone they care about. Ryan sits with them bemoaning the fact that he can't remember what happened. Tad doesn't think Ryan would be okay if he learned he killed David and urges him to leave it alone. He says in this case ignorance is bliss. Ryan thinks he could live with it though because he knows he might have done it to protect someone. Tad says he'll look into it but if he finds evidence he might just make it disappear. After Jake and Tad have left, Greenlee comes to see Ryan after reading her letter from David. She tells him she thinks David killed himself, but Ryan doesn’t believe it. She urges him to move on with his life now and Jake returns. Ryan leaves and she tells Jake she hopes she's already cleared Ryan's name. Amanda comes back for Jake and Greenlee gives her a letter from David, which basically says Amanda is free from him now, indicating that he killed himself. Greenlee leaves and Amanda tries to make Jake see that David had another side to him, but Jake won't hear and says the only person he respects is the person who got rid of him.

Tad finds Liza working outside. Tad knows she has a job to do, but he wishes she didn't enjoy it so much. She assures him it kills her to go after one of the finest men in Pine Valley – Ryan - but it's her job and she also does have sympathy for David. Tad leaves and Jesse comes to see Liza and gives her a letter from David.

Madison and Frankie talk about what happened at the party. Frankie says he doesn't know what exactly it was, but it was all him. He explains he feels protective of her, but Madison thinks the hug they shared felt different. He admits for a minute the hug almost turned into something else and he wishes he could take it back. He doesn't want to mess up their hard earned friendship and she says she just wants to go back to normal and they shake on it.

Madison comes to Ryan's place and finds Kendall who explains how she jumped bail and Ryan is now her babysitter. Kendall tells Madison Ryan cares about her and is trying to wrap up unfinished business with Greenlee. However, when Greenlee wants something she gets it. Kendall leaves and Ryan comes home. Jesse stops by and tells them they have evidence that David killed himself. Madison is thrilled Ryan will be free, but Ryan still doesn't buy the suicide theory.

Greenlee goes back to her room at the Yacht Club and curls up with a photo of her and David. She cries and says, "Forgive me."

Kendall and Tad see each other at the Yacht Club and sit down together. Tad encourages Kendall to tell Zach about her arrest because he will find out sooner or later. She wishes she could speed up her trial so she doesn’t have it hanging over her head when she talks to Zach. Tad notes she is suggesting he talk to Liza. She says she's desperate, but she shouldn't have asked and will figure it out on her own. Tad says Liza does kind of owe him and it might work out well for both of them because Liza wants people to know she's a good person.

Frankie sees Randi at the hospital. She's upset he never met her at his parents' place and says they need to talk about Madison. She's cool that they are friends, but she wonders why he is keeping secrets from her. He says he was just trying to give Madison some privacy. He apologizes and tells her he wants to show her every minute how much she means to him. They start to kiss and he pulls a curtain so they can have their own privacy. They end up naked in one of the hospital beds and Frankie suggests they have a baby, but Randi isn't ready because of her career.

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Tad offers to help Damon study for the GED.

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