Madison walks off the elevator at Fusion to find Frankie and Randi kissing. Randi heads into work and Frankie tells Madison he has to go to the police station to give his statement about Caleb's party. Madison wonders what exactly happened between them that night. He tells her to relax because they were just hanging out. He leaves and Randi asks Madison about being with Frankie at the party. Madison explains Frankie helped her after she drank too much. Randi suggests she find someone else to come to her rescue.

Natalia tries to help Angie organize her kitchen so she knows where things are, but Angie insists she can do it. She gets frustrated as she bumps into things on her way to sit on the couch and then Brot comes over. Angie gets up and successfully pours him a drink, but then drops it, furthering her frustration. Natalia and Brot clean up the mess and Angie asks for some time alone. Natalia reluctantly leaves, but Brot stays behind and offers to let Angie lay into him and vent. She has no intention of doing so, but Brot understands what she's going through because he's reminded of what happened to him in Iraq. He knows what it's like to have everything change, but Angie doesn't think her condition can even compare to what he went through. He assures her it does and urges her not to lose out on all the time she's wasting shutting down because she will regret it. Angie thinks God has a plan for her, but she doesn’t think she can handle this. She starts to cry and Brot consoles her. Natalia returns to find Brot and Angie having a good time chopping vegetables in the kitchen and joins in on the fun. When Brot answers the door to Randi, Angie tells Natalia that she can hear in Brot's voice that he digs her. Angie asks Randi where Frankie is, but Randi doesn't know.

Greenlee listens on her phone outside Ryan's door as Ryan admits he wanted someone to get rid of David while he's under hypnosis. Ryan also says David had a glass but he can't see if David drank from it. Greenlee bursts in to stop the session, but after Ryan snaps out of it, he asks her to stay out of it. The doctor says they are done anyway and leaves. Ryan tells Greenlee he needs to know what happened even if he remembers he was the one to kill David. She asks him if he remembered anything new and he says he remembered all the rage he felt towards David. Greenlee wonders if there is anything else and he asks if there should be something else. She says no and leaves.

Greenlee goes to the hospital to ask Jake about hypnosis. She explains about Ryan's session and how he said he still loved her. She admits she still loves him too. Jake thinks it's okay for her to have her happiness now that David is gone, but Greenlee points out Ryan didn't tell her about his feelings. She wonders if he doesn't want to love her. She will always care about Ryan though and needs to prove he's innocent.

At the police station, Kendall calls her boys to tell them she doesn't know when she'll be home. Jesse listens to her talk to her kids and says he'll see what he can do. After Kendall is taken away, Frankie walks in and talks with Jesse about why he wasn't on the list of witnesses at the party. Frankie tells him he left early because he took Madison home. Jesse asks if that's all that happened and Frankie recalls a close moment between him and Madison at the Yacht Club, but doesn't tell Jesse about it. Frankie then leaves to be questioned by another cop. Ryan comes to the station to talk to Jesse and sees that Kendall has been arrested again. He goes to the interrogation room where Kendall explains why she jumped bail. Ryan offers to pay her bail and they both give Jesse their word that Kendall won't leave town. Jesse reluctantly agrees and leaves them alone. Ryan tells her about his hypnotherapy and how his feelings for Greenlee and David came up. She asks about Greenlee and Ryan says his feelings for her are in the past because they are over and he can't love her anymore. Jesse returns to tell them Kendall can go, but Ryan needs to be aware of her location at all times. They leave and Greenlee calls Jesse because she has something to tell him about David's murder.

Kendall and Ryan go back to Ryan's place where Kendall wonders what he's going to do about his feelings for Greenlee.

Greenlee and Jesse meet in her and David's hotel room where she confesses to killing her husband.

Frankie goes back to Fusion and Madison tells him Randi overheard about them leaving the party together and she wasn't happy. Frankie thinks what happened was no big deal, but Madison knows something happened between them.

Next on All My Children:

Jesse finds four letters in David's drawer.

Frankie wants to have a baby.

Madison asks Kendall for advice.

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