Ryan comes in his living room asking what Kendall and Greenlee are talking about. Kendall covers the fact they were talking about Ryan's search about Digitalis by bringing up the cops pursuit of him as a suspect. Ryan thinks he should go to the police, but Greenlee tells him he can't do that and encourages him to live his life for those who love him. Ryan is determined and heads out, leaving Greenlee and Kendall to bicker and worry about him going to prison. Greenlee thinks Ryan might stop trying to remember what happened if the vial was found in someone else's pocket, like Liza's. Kendall won't set someone else up and Greenlee says it was just an idea. Kendall retorts just like her idea to cook Erica's books and sabotage her plane.

Ryan comes to see Jesse at the station in hopes of exchanging information on what they know about David's murder. Jesse shares his theory that David spiked the drink for Ryan and accidentally poisoned himself.

Ryan returns to his place and tells them Jesse gave him a number to a hypnotherapist so he can remember what happened. He says the doctor is on her way over and goes to get the kids for Kendall. Greenlee worries what Ryan will remember, but Kendall points out he's going to do what he's going to do. Kendall goes to help Ryan with the boys and Greenlee looks at Ryan's phone. She calls her phone from his and then lays his phone back on the desk. Once the women have left, the hypnotherapist comes to see Ryan. She says she will put him into a state of relaxation and they begin, as Greenlee stands in the hallway listening in on her phone. While under, Ryan recounts the evening of Caleb's party and how he went to see David in his room. The hypnotherapist asks what he's feeling and Ryan says he feels worried because he loves Greenlee, which she hears.

Marissa continues to study at Krystal's and her mother comes over to ask about AJ. Marissa can't believe how JR handled the fight at school, but Krystal suggests she keep the peace for AJ's sake. Marissa declares she won't bite her tongue where JR is concerned. Later, Caleb comes in and talks with Krystal, who doesn’t want him to put her daughter in a situation that will hurt her.

Bianca and Miranda see Asher in the park and Miranda recognizes him from fixing their computers after the fire. Asher says Caleb kicked him out before he had a chance to finish and he'd like to come back. They also discuss him giving Miranda computer lessons.

After taking the kids to the nanny, Kendall meets Bianca at the Yacht Club. She worries about telling Zach about her arrest and thinks she should drive to tell him in person. Bianca reminds her she is out on bail and can't leave the state.

Kendall is brought to the station after she was pulled over for speeding and the cops realized she was jumping bail. Kendall tries to explain to a frustrated Jesse, who tells her she's going back to a holding cell.

At the mansion, Annie lashes out at JR for putting out the press release about Scott going to Europe. She thinks he is threatened by Scott and suggests he get over his issues with his cousin. He declares he only wants what's his. She tells him he will never have her, but he points out he already did. She will do whatever it takes to help Scott get what he deserves and says she doesn’t want anything from him. JR responds he is willing to give her whatever her heart desires. She is tired of his smug attitude and tells him he made the crucial mistake of underestimating both her and Scott. Annie leaves and Asher calls JR from Wildwind to tell him he has a great 'in' there. JR tells him to keep him posted, as Marissa walks in angry about what happened at AJ's school. She thinks AJ is learning all the bullying and lashing out from him. JR defends himself and declares AJ is his first priority. He angrily states he has been there for AJ since he lost his real mother. JR feels bad and apologizes, but Marissa says she has to leave to meet Caleb. JR thinks Caleb is using her to get at him.

Scott and Caleb meet at the Yacht Club where Caleb offers Scott a partnership. He thinks if they team up Scott can get his revenge on JR, but Scott passes.

Asher goes to Caleb's under the guise of giving Miranda computer lessons. Caleb says she'll be down in a minute and leaves after Asher asks who the portrait of Palmer is. As Asher waits for Miranda, he jumps on Caleb's computer and calls JR to see if there's anything he needs. JR might need him for more than just hacking.

Scott comes home and debates his next move regarding JR with Annie. She wants to take action, but he wants to wait, noting he could go to jail if the nanotech thing got out. Annie thinks it's worth the gamble if they beat JR at his own game.

As Caleb and Marissa study in the park, Scott calls Caleb to say he'd like to discuss his offer further.

Next on All My Children:

Someone tells Jesse they know who the murderer is.

Randi finds Frankie and Madison together.

Kendall is sent back to jail.

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