JR talks to AJ on the phone, who wants to stay with Marissa instead of with him. Annie comes in and tries to console an upset JR and hopes they can get back on the path to being friends. Scott comes in and says that will never happen. JR insists he wants peace and for all of them to be a family, but Scott doesn't buy it. JR leaves and Scott gets a call. After he hangs up, Scott says JR just fired the first shot. Apparently JR sent out a press release saying Scott is taking a new position oversees. Annie is furious and wants to go after JR, but Scott reminds her they have to be smart about it because he still has the nanotech project hanging over his head. Annie announces she is ready to play rough with JR and wants to retaliate, but Scott tells her they need to wait it out because in a few days no one will remember the press release. Annie feels stupid for believing that JR wanted to get along. Scott knows she won't make that mistake again and tells her JR can't get to them if they don’t let him.

Caleb comes to the Martin house to help get Marissa ready for the bar exam. He tells Krystal after she takes it they can go out and celebrate. Krystal says she has plans and walks away. Tad comes downstairs and notes it got a little chilly in there. He suggests Caleb take a new approach to people now that he's back in civilization.

Caleb and Marissa meet at the Yacht Club where he gives her a chance to quit because of all the upheaval in her life. Marissa insists she's onboard and JR won't be a conflict of interest for her. She walks away and JR enters to spar with Caleb. Marissa returns furious JR is fighting so soon after her father's death. She wants him to show people more respect, especially her. JR gets a call from AJ's principal who tells him AJ was in a fight and the other boy was taken to the hospital. JR says he will be right there but doesn't tell Marissa about the call. JR leaves, as does Marissa and Annie walks in to meet with Caleb. They discuss JR's underhandedness and Caleb says his fight is with JR and not with her or her husband. He wonders if she knows where he's going with this.

JR goes to AJ's school where he learns the other boy needed 11 stitches. The principal wants a meeting with him and Marissa, but JR doesn't think it's necessary and offers to pay for new playground equipment if the principal will let it go.

Bianca walks into Krystal's and finds a surly Marissa trying to study. Bianca thinks she's upset about the fight AJ got into at school, which Miranda told her about. Marissa calls the principal and learns JR took care of it by offering a bribe. JR also told the principal to call him regarding any future problems.

JR comes home and tells Tad about AJ's fight at school. JR bemoans how hard it is to be a good dad, but that he tries. JR wants to try and convince his son to stay with him and Tad offers his assistance if he needs it. Tad leaves and AJ walks in the room. JR tells AJ to stay with him tonight and then his mother won't have to know about the fight. Alone, JR sees Annie walk in, who comes over and slaps him.

Greenlee goes to Leo's grave to talk to him about what to do about Ryan and the Digitalis she found. Kendall walks up and finds the vial in her hand and assumes she was the one to kill David. Greenlee insists it wasn't her and when Kendall presses her she admits she found it in Ryan's jacket. Kendall wants to talk to Ryan, but Greenlee declares she can't because Ryan can't remember what happened and he will probably go to Jesse with it, which will land him back in prison. Kendall agrees but warns she better have a plan because she can't keep the secret forever.

After Ryan has a nightmare about his fight with David, he calls Tad over to ask him to investigate him regarding David's murder. Tad doesn't believe Ryan is guilty, but Ryan needs to know what happened. Tad eventually agrees and leaves. Kendall comes over and Ryan expresses his frustrations over not remembering what happened. She assures him she will always be there for him no matter what. He wonders if that includes sticking by Greenlee, but Kendall says no. He goes to another room and she calls to make them a dinner reservation with the boys. She picks up Ryan's phone, but looks concerned by what she finds.

Greenlee goes to her and David's room and finds Tad. He asks what she thinks happened the night David died, but she says she doesn't know. He reminds her he's there for her if she needs anything. Tad leaves and Greenlee opens a box of stuff David sent her, which contains a photo of Leo. She feels guilty about what's going on and wonders what Leo would do if Ryan really did kill David. She thinks he would do anything to protect Ryan since they were friends, but maybe she's just projecting. Greenlee gets a call from Kendall who orders her to meet her at Ryan's.

Greenlee comes to Ryan's place and learns from Kendall that one of the last subjects Ryan searched on his phone the night David died was about death from Digitalis.

Next on All My Children:

Scott considers Caleb's offer.

Marissa accuses JR.

Asher is at it again.

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