Greenlee comes to Wildwind to ask Kendall to help her protect whoever could have killed David, since it's probably someone they care about. Kendall can't believe she's even there and tells her she's on her own. Greenlee mentions the funeral and Kendall doesn’t know why she'd even consider going to cry crocodile tears over him. Greenlee reminds her David was her husband and assures her the tears will be real.

At home, Krystal has conflicting emotions about David's death muses on how most of Pine Valley is probably happy he's gone. She decides she doesn’t enjoy any of this because whoever killed him will have to face the consequences and no one should have to suffer from the choices he made. Marissa comes in and Krystal hugs her daughter, one of the good things David left behind.

Krystal and Marissa go to the restaurant where Marissa says part of her thinks her own father had this coming to him. She wonders what kind of a daughter that makes her. Krystal assures her she's human and that David had a lot of flaws but he had some good in him too.

Greenlee, Marissa and Krystal go to the cemetery and Greenlee thinks maybe David will find the happiness he always wanted since he is now with the people he loved: Babe, Leonora and Leo. After the funeral, Marissa hopes the police find whoever killed David. Krystal asks Greenlee to go eat with them, but she passes. Krystal and Marissa leave and David returns to taunt Greenlee about her fears that Ryan poisoned him.

At the mansion, JR tells Tad it's his fault AJ ran away. He tried to prevent AJ from suffering from the divorce, but he feels he failed. Tad reminds him how he tried to prevent the same from happening to him when he and Dixie split up. They talk about Dixie's involvement with David and JR notes they never really got her back because of him. JR isn't relieved David's dead, but feels like he's at a funeral for what they lost – Dixie.

Angie learns to use a cane as she walks the halls of the hospital. She finds Frankie and Jake and thanks Jake for everything he did to keep her there. They discuss how David was poisoned and that his funeral is today. Jake notes he's gone, but not really gone. Angie knows he did a lot of bad things, but she reminds them David was a good doctor and lost two children. Jake and Frankie in turn remind her of all the evil he brought to town.

Jesse and Liza discuss David's case at the station and that the Digitalis could have come from his private stash. Liza thinks Ryan still could have done it. Jesse gets a list of the evidence from David's room and sees that one of the glasses had traces of Digitalis, but the only prints on the glass were David's. Jesse thinks David could have been planning on poisoning someone himself, but Liza doesn't buy it, still liking Ryan for the crime. Jesse thinks she's just out to ruin a man's life to prove her worth as the new D.A. Liza instructs him to interview everyone who was at the party, so he questions her. They exchange veiled accusations and then Angie calls Jesse to invite him to Krystal's to join everyone in saying goodbye to David.

At Krystal's, Amanda, Bianca, Kendall, Randi and Natalia join Jake, Frankie and Angie for David's wake. Amanda thinks it's a great way to send him off and out of their lives for good. Tad and JR walk in and Tad suggests they toast the man who made their lives a living hell.

At his place, Madison and Ryan talk about David being poisoned and Madison thinks Greenlee could be guilty. Ryan doesn't think that's possible, but Madison knows what it's like to live with a husband who was so controlling. Ryan defends Greenlee and Madison apologizes for suggesting it. Ryan sees a note on his desk from Greenlee saying she's happy he's a free man. Madison finds it odd Greenlee just lets herself in like she still lives there. Ryan will talk to her about it. Jake calls Ryan to come to David's wake, but Ryan passes. He hangs up and tells Madison he feels uneasy about David's death because he can't remember what happened and wonders if he saw who poisoned him. Greenlee comes over to talk to Ryan about who poisoned David. She wants to talk in private, but then Emma comes in to make sure her father is still there. She makes him promise he'll never go to jail again.

Jesse walks in Krystal's and Liza follows pushing his buttons about not doing his job. At a nearby table, JR, Jake, Tad, Opal and Amanda reminisce about all of David's evil deeds. Liza walks by and they gang up on her about her working for David. She tells him she's not the bad guy here, it's whoever murdered him. Krystal and Marissa walk in as the group bad mouths David. Marissa yells at everyone to stop it and Krystal tells them to show some respect - if not for David then for her daughter. Everyone offers their apologies and Angie tells her she's sorry for her loss. Krystal and Marissa leave and Angie says a prayer for David.

Next on All My Children:

Annie takes action against JR.

Tad questions Caleb about Krystal.

AJ gets in a fight at school.

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