JR frantically looks for AJ in the mansion and asks Annie if she's seen him. They make some calls looking for him and then JR asks Annie to go to AJ's favorite places while he continues to search the grounds. She readily leaves and he thanks her.

At Wildwind, Krystal invites Caleb over for a home cooked meal and he accepts. She then asks where things stand with him and Erica. He wonders why she would even bring her up and asks what time dinner is. Krystal remembers she has to go to Angie's board meeting so she has to postpone. JR comes over looking for Marissa and tells them AJ is missing.

Annie goes to Krystal's looking for AJ and sees Marissa. She tells her AJ is missing and Marissa demands to know if she was with JR when he took off.

As Caleb and Krystal go to the Yacht Club to look for AJ, Annie and JR meet up in the park. Annie sees a toy car on a bench and then finds him hiding in the bushes. JR and Marissa run over and Annie tells them AJ heard them fighting about him. Marissa and JR talk to AJ and reassure him they love him. JR still wants to take AJ to the office, but Marissa wants to take him home with her. Marissa and AJ leave and Annie assures JR everything will be okay. JR has his doubts.

JR and Annie go back to the mansion where he berates himself for almost losing his son. She consoles him and they share a close moment, but he quickly leaves.

Marissa and AJ go to get ice cream in the park and AJ asks to stay with her tonight. Marissa tells him he can stay with her as long as he wants.

At the Hubbard home, the family rallies around Angie as she prepares to face the board about the complaints David raised about her. Angie asks her family to say a prayer with her before they go.

Jake and Amanda show Tad a letter David wrote to the board about Angie. Tad won't let Angie lose her career over it. Bianca and Brot come to the conference room to support Angie. Tad leaves the room to find the perfect person to speak on her behalf.

At the hospital, Greenlee learns David died from an overdose of Digitalis, a drug used to treat heart patients. The Medical Examiner confirms that David did not die from the fight.

Greenlee goes to the police station to tell Ryan and his lawyer that David was poisoned and didn’t die from the fight. The lawyer runs out and Ryan embraces Greenlee, but wonders who poisoned David. Tad comes to the station to find Greenlee. Tad learns David was poisoned and then asks Greenlee to come to the board review. She agrees so she can keep the hospital as a legacy for David's life.

The Hubbards come to the hospital for the hearing and Angie defends her actions to the board. Jake and Amanda present the board with letters and a petition to keep Angie on staff. Madison, Opal, Brot, Bianca, Frankie, Randi and Natalia also speak on her behalf. The board asks Jake to read the letter David wrote about Angie which details Angie lying about her condition and putting patients and the hospital at risk. The board wants time to deliberate, but Greenlee comes in and says as owner of the hospital she wants to address her husband's comments. She understands David's concerns, but she also points out Angie saved her life and the hospital needs her leadership. The board breaks for deliberation and returns to say their decision was unanimous and Angie will remain as Chief of Staff.

Madison goes to Ryan's place to get him some clean clothes and Ryan comes in and tells her he's free. They start to make out but Madison stops because she wants Ryan to see Emma. Ryan assures her he will spend tons of time with his daughter after her practice, but Madison reminds him practice is almost over. Ryan doesn’t know what he will tell Emma since he doesn't know what happened that night. Madison declares he is innocent and his daughter is waiting. After they've left, Greenlee comes to Ryan's place. She picks up his jacket and an empty vial of Digitalis falls out.

Next on All My Children:

Madison and Liza both think they know who killed David.

Bianca and Amanda bond.

Jesse finds fingerprints.

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