Damon comes to Colby's room and wakes her up in the middle of the afternoon. She couldn't sleep the night before and talks about David and Ryan's fight. She worries Liza is going after Ryan for the murder and suggests Damon hang out with someone who is a little more fun today. Damon just wants to be around her and reminds her of how much she's done for him. He tells her it's his turn and goes to get her a snack.

Asher stops JR from going into Krystal's and thanks him for setting up an interview at Chandler for him. JR tells him the HR woman loved him, but there was a snag – his college listed didn’t check out. Asher explains he hacked into the school's computer system and cut a deal with the school to leave and not be reprimanded for it when he got caught. He thinks he has many skills JR can use, even if it's off the books. He says no one has to know he's working for him, but JR wonders why he thinks he could use a guy like him.

Inside Krystal's, Marissa and Krystal talk to AJ about David as Caleb walks in. He sits at the bar, but is distracted from hearing the women and AJ talk about death. He leaves and runs into JR. Asher leaves as JR and Caleb exchange barbs.

JR walks into Krystal's to pick up AJ. Marissa tells him he's in the kitchen and Krystal leaves. Marissa accuses JR of going after Scott at Chandler in order to get at Annie. He reminds her they are getting divorced so it's none of her business, but Marissa says what he does affects their son's life. She thinks AJ needs support and security, not constant conflict. JR feels bad and wonders if AJ is having a hard time with David's death. Marissa confirms and JR thinks he'll get over it if they don’t mention David's name around him. They argue as AJ walks back in the room. JR offers to take AJ to the office and they head out. Colby and Damon walk into Krystal's and Marissa asks Colby to keep an eye on AJ when he's at the house.

Asher goes to Wildwind and hacks into Caleb's computer. He prints out Caleb's schedule as Caleb and Krystal walk in. Asher explains he's with the Nerd Army, who makes house calls to fix computers. Caleb orders him out.

JR and AJ stop at the mansion so AJ can get changed and then Asher comes over. He gives JR Caleb's schedule for the next month and JR sees that Caleb has a meeting with Chandler's banker. JR wonders what Asher wants and he responds he just wanted him to know what side he's on. JR goes to check on AJ but he can't find him.

Bianca comes to bail Kendall out of jail and learns Kendall hasn’t told Zach what happened yet. Madison comes to the room and learns Kendall was arrested for destroying the evidence Liza had against Greenlee and Ryan.

Ryan's attorney comes to see Ryan in jail, as Ryan tells Greenlee she should leave. The lawyer tells Ryan the autopsy results are in and he should think about taking a plea bargain because he could be looking at life in prison. Greenlee wants Ryan to fight this because he has too much to live for and says she'll get Jack to help with the case. Madison walks up and says while Ryan is locked up, Greenlee is free to go. Greenlee defends herself as does Ryan. Madison worries Ryan will spend the rest of his life in prison and Ryan asks to talk to Madison alone. Greenlee leaves and Ryan insists Greenlee is not the reason he is in jail, but Madison thinks if Greenlee had handled David earlier they wouldn't be in this mess. Ryan doesn't want her to wait for him, but Madison won't let him push her away. He calls for the guard so they can meet in the interrogation room where he plants a passionate kiss on her. He reminds her he could be going to jail for a long time and wonders if she's willing to ride that through. She assures him – all the way.

Bianca brings Kendall to Fusion, but Kendall can't stop worrying about Ryan. She doesn't think Ryan killed David, but Bianca notes it's possible to do something drastic out of desperation. Greenlee walks in and Bianca tells her it's time for her to own up to what happened. Greenlee agrees and says she needs to come clean about everything she did. She confesses her role in Erica's scandal and knowing about David messing with her plane. Bianca and Kendall are stunned and lash out at her. Greenlee tries to explain her actions but Kendall doesn’t think she can forgive her for this, especially after risking so much for her. Bianca tells her they can't deal with what she's done right now since they have to get Ryan out of jail and keep Kendall from going back in. Greenlee wants to help, but Bianca doesn't want it. After Greenlee leaves, Kendall thinks she should call Zach and tell him what's going on, but when Bianca encourages her to do so, Kendall changes her mind.

Greenlee goes to the hospital where David continues to haunt her, telling her Ryan committed murder for her. He wonders if she's sorry about that. The Medical Examiner meets with Greenlee and tells her David was poisoned.

Next on All My Children:

Angie gets support.

Krystal questions Caleb about Erica.

Annie finds AJ hiding in the bushes.

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