Marissa walks into the mansion and finds JR who tries to comfort her over David. She pushes him away as Scott and Annie come in. Marissa leaves to get AJ and Annie leaves to see Ryan. Scott looks over some papers and tells JR he won't allow him to make a power play for Chandler. He says if it's a war he wants, he's got one. JR says it's not a war, it's more like target practice. They argue and Scott accuses JR of hoping Annie will want him once he's back on top.

Jesse brings Ryan to a cell at the station. Ryan is worried about Greenlee being left to fend for herself and tells Jesse about the false evidence David was blackmailing her with. He also informs Jesse of Liza's involvement. Annie comes to the jail and asks if Ryan killed David. Ryan doesn't remember, but says it doesn't look good. Annie thinks they can get Colby to say David attacked him first, but Ryan wants her to let him handle this and orders her not to pull any schemes. He just needs her to be strong for Emma and she tells him to have some faith in her. Annie hopes Greenlee is worth all this.

In the squad room, Liza freaks out over not being able to find her keys. After Jesse joins her, they discover that Kendall was the one who stole Liza's keys and took her briefcase.

Kendall calls Greenlee from Wildwind to tell her she has Liza's briefcase with the fake evidence. She assures Greenlee she will destroy it and Greenlee thanks her for taking such a big risk and for believing she didn’t try to kill Erica. After they hang up, Kendall gets frustrated trying to open the briefcase and throws it across the room, which breaks it open. Jesse and Liza come to Wildwind and find Kendall with an empty briefcase and a roaring fire. Jesse is forced to arrest her.

Greenlee goes to her and David's room, which is roped off and has a guard standing by. She tells the guard she's there for a suit for David's funeral and he allows her in. As she looks through the closet, she imagines David talking to her. He tells her he loved her and that he all he wanted was for her to love him back. She responds she did love him, but he turned it into something twisted.

Greenlee goes to the main room in the Yacht Club and runs into Marissa. They talk about David, which Marissa appreciates. After Marissa leaves, Greenlee has another vision of David who taunts her about loving her, but all she ever cared about was Ryan.

At Krystal's, Marissa talks to AJ about his Grandpa David dying. She starts to cry and AJ tells her he loves her and never wants her to die. She hugs him and promises to never leave him. Scott walks in and Marissa goes to talk to him at the bar. She says it feels odd to be mourning someone she barely knew. Scott knows she'll get through it and help AJ as well. Scott then tells her JR has basically declared war on him, which incenses Marissa. He worries once JR is done with him, he'll go after Annie.

Annie returns to the mansion where JR infers she came back early from her honeymoon because of him. Annie denies it citing Ryan's arrest for the reason she came home. She asks JR to help her protect Emma from getting hurt in all this and suggests he talk to Colby about her statement to the cops. JR gets a call from Marissa who tell him AJ already knows about David. JR wants to talk to AJ, but Marissa hangs up. Annie says it's amazing what they will do for their kids.

Greenlee goes to the park and her conscience continues to get the best of her, as David continues to haunt her.

Jesse brings Kendall to the cell next to Ryan's, who can't believe what she's done. Ryan wonders if Zach knows about it, but she was hoping to be out of there before he found out. Greenlee is brought to the cell, as Kendall is released on bail.

In the squad room, Jesse tells Kendall she can't leave Pine Valley. She is supposed to meet Zach in New York, but Jesse tells her Zach will have to come there.

Next on All My Children:

Marissa looks out for AJ.

JR questions Asher.

Kendall fears Zach's reaction to her recent predicament.

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