After Jake examines Ryan at the police station, he tells Natalia Ryan is experiencing some memory loss. Jake asks her to postpone the questioning until after he rests. Ryan insists he needs to this and Jake leaves. Natalia brings Ryan to the interrogation room who wants to see Liza. Madison comes to the station and Ryan asks to talk to her. Natalia allows it and lets Madison in who doesn’t believe Ryan killed David. Ryan doesn’t remember what happened, but he has a horrible feeling. She wants to help him, but he orders her to leave.

With Frankie and Jesse by her side, Angie visits with a doctor who tells her she is legally blind. After the doctor leaves, Angie notes they will have to change a lot of things at home to accommodate her blindness. Frankie and Jesse assure her they will support her every step of the way. Jake comes to the hospital and learns Angie has been declared legally blind. Frankie and Jesse go to the hallway where Jesse tells his son he doesn’t want Angie left alone. Frankie reminds his father she is stronger than all of them. Back in the room, Jake tells Angie he will go to the hospital board on her behalf, but Angie won't let him jeopardize his job. Frankie returns to take Angie home and after they leave, Jake makes a call to say Angie needs their help.

At Wildwind, Kendall watches the news that announces someone turned themselves in for David's murder. Kendall calls Natalia at the police station to find out what's going on with Ryan. Natalia doesn't have much info and Kendall hangs up when Spike walks in asking for his daddy.

Greenlee goes to the hospital to see David's body. She asks to see his face and the medical examiner pulls back the sheet. After the M.E. leaves, Greenlee tells David's body she loved him for saving her life, but she couldn't give him what he wanted or needed. The M.E. returns so he can perform the autopsy. Greenlee leaves the room in tears and then gets a call from Kendall who tells her Ryan turned himself in. Later, Frankie brings Angie to visit David's body. She says she needs to let go of the anger and forgive him. They walk in the room, but find David's body is gone.

Frankie brings Angie home and they call the local clinic for the blind. Angie sets up a meeting so she can learn some tools and tricks. Jake and Amanda come over and tell Angie they talked to several of her co-workers and former patients who signed a petition to keep her on as Chief of Staff and wrote letters on her behalf.

In her office, Liza tells the mayor on the phone she is committed to finding out who killed David and she is on her way to talk to the suspect who turned himself in. Liza hangs up as Colby walks in to tell her mother about the fight between David and Ryan. Colby says she came to her because she is her mother and doesn’t want to see Ryan get in trouble, but Liza reminds her she is the new D.A. and she has to look into it. Colby can't believe she is going to sell out her friends and own daughter for her job. Once Colby has left, Kendall comes to see Liza to plead with her to help Ryan, but Liza has a job to do.

Jesse comes to see Ryan at the station but Ryan doesn't remember anything. Jesse tells him off the record the only thing he needs to remember is that he did not throw the first punch. Greenlee walks in the room and Jesse leaves telling her to get through to him. Kendall is next to come to the station, as does Liza, who walks in the interrogation room to question Ryan. She tells him and Greenlee that she has eyewitnesses to his fight with David and evidence against Greenlee. Greenlee defends Ryan, but Ryan says he's got it handled. Greenlee leaves and Ryan offers Liza a deal – Liza destroys the papers David gave her and he won't tell anyone she was helping David with his blackmail scheme. Liza tells him he can't prove she knew what the papers were so there's no scandal. Out in the squad room, Greenlee reminds Kendall Liza has the blackmail evidence, but Kendall says Liza can't use what she doesn't have. Kendall goes through Liza's coat to steal her cars keys so she can get the evidence out of her briefcase. Liza and Ryan exit the interrogation room as Jesse gets the DNA tests back, which prove Ryan was in a fight with David before he died. Liza orders Ryan to be booked for David's murder. She also has evidence to introduce and goes to get her briefcase out of her car, but can't find her keys. Greenlee walks up as Jesse reads Ryan his rights.

Kendall goes home to Wildwind with Liza's briefcase.

Asher sneaks up on Colby in her bedroom. She wonders why he took off from the party and he says he doesn’t like being around cops because he got in trouble a lot when he was a kid. Colby lets Asher know she told her mother about Ryan and David's fight.

In the park, Madison calls Frankie and leaves a message. She sees Natalia and asks if she knows where Frankie is. Natalia tells her she should leave her brother alone. She adds Ryan could use her help, but Frankie doesn't need it. Madison thinks if Natalia had her own life she wouldn't feel the need to police everyone else's.

Next on All My Children:

Scott vows to derail JR's plans.

Annie visits JR.

Kendall is arrested.

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