At the Yacht Club, Jesse apologizes to Angie for blurting out her secret, as JR walks in from checking on AJ and learns what happened from Colby. JR tells Colby just to tell the cops what she saw and she'll be fine. He walks away and Asher approaches telling Colby they should keep quiet. Across the room, Angie tells Jesse he should only be concerned with David's death, but he responds she is always his top priority. Meanwhile, Tad chastises Liza for pressing Jesse into admitting Angie's blindness, which leads to another argument. Jesse asks Tad to take Angie home, as Colby insists to Asher she will tell the cops what they saw. Asher sees a cop and nervously says he's has to go get his jacket and leaves the room. Asher runs into JR who notes he's trying to avoid the cops. He says his dad died in a car accident when he was a kid and had to talk to the cops by himself about it. He just wants to get out of there and JR says he'll cover for him. A different cop comes in the room and tells Natalia he just saw David's room in disarray.

Natalia goes to David's room with the cop and tells him to seal it off because it's probably the crime scene. Jesse comes to the room, as does Liza and the two bicker. Once Liza has left, Natalia tells her father to go home to Angie and she'll handle things for the night.

Liza goes to her office and pulls out papers from her locked drawer.

Natalia comes back to the ballroom and questions Colby, who doesn't tell her about the fight between Ryan and David.

Damon and Colby go to Krystal's. Asher walks in as they wonder why Asher just took off and note how they don’t really know him.

Tad brings Angie home who fears her eyesight is gone for good. Jesse returns and Tad leaves, as Angie tells her husband her sight might never come back. Jesse says if that happens then they will deal with it as a family.

On their honeymoon, Scott playfully distracts Annie from turning on the TV, by carrying to their bed, where they talk about how happy they are. Emma walks in heir room and tells them she saw something on TV that scared her. She says there were sirens and lights outside the club in Pine Valley and she wants to talk to her daddy.

At his place, Ryan reels from the news of David's death. He doesn't remember it and hugs Greenlee saying he's sorry. He tries to piece together the night's events, but the last thing he remembers is talking to Liza. Greenlee explains she called him and told him she was staying with David because David found out about their plan and threatened him. The women tell him he took off to find answers and Ryan thinks he killed him. He wants the women to leave in case the cops come so they don't get involved. Once the women have left, Emma calls to make sure Ryan is okay. He says after hearing her voice he couldn’t be any better. Annie gets on the phone and asks Ryan about what happened there. Ryan says it's nothing she has to worry about and quickly gets off the phone.

Kendall brings Greenlee back to Wildwind where Bianca greets them. She expresses her condolences to Greenlee and goes to make them some tea. Kendall promises her friend everything will be okay and then leaves to say goodnight to the boys. Alone, Greenlee recalls her life with David and cries. Kendall and Bianca return as Greenlee says she can't stay there and leaves.

Greenlee returns to Ryan's place. She thinks she should go to the police to tell them David was blackmailing her. Ryan thinks that would just make it worse, but Greenlee doesn't know what else to do. She needs to get some air and leaves.

Ryan goes to the police station and tells Natalia he thinks he's the guy she's looking for.

Greenlee goes to Fusion, wraps herself in a blanket and cries.

From her and Scott's room, Annie calls JR, who tells her David was murdered. Scott comes in and Annie hangs up to tell him what happened. She wonders why Ryan didn't tell her and thinks maybe they should go home worried about both Ryan and Marissa. Scott asks who was on the phone just now and she tells him someone from the office.

Jake looks over David's body at the hospital, as Amanda walks in the room. She says she needed to be with Jake right now and he notes how tough this is for her. She never thought it would really be over, but he assures her it is. They meet with the medical examiner who will perform the autopsy and he makes disparaging remarks about David. Amanda forcefully tells him no one deserves to die like that. Alone, Jake tells Amanda David's death affects him only because he's worried about the person who killed him.

Liza comes to the hospital to see David's body. She worries things will get ugly if the person who killed him is who she thinks it is. She will do her job though for David and for her. She tells him to rest in peace if he can.

Next on All My Children:

Colby tells her mother what she saw.

Madison wants answers.

Liza turns down a deal.

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