After David collapses at the Yacht Club, Krystal calls 911. Kendall asks Greenlee where Ryan is, but Greenlee is only concerned about David. Kendall leaves, as Jesse checks his pulse and calls for Jake and Frankie. Jake performs CPR, but eventually stops and tells Greenlee, "He's gone." Jake says there's no way of knowing what exactly killed him right now, but it looks like he's had a lot of trauma. Jesse announces the room is now a crime scene so no one can go anywhere until they are questioned. Jesse calls for back up as Greenlee looks at David's body in shock. Across the room, Krystal worries to Caleb how Marissa will handle this. Nearby, Colby and Asher discuss what they will say about the fight they saw between Ryan and David earlier. Colby says Ryan is a good guy and she doesn’t want to get him in trouble. Asher suggests she keep quiet then. Liza calls the mayor to accept the responsibilities as District Attorney and also tells her about David. Natalia enters with more cops and Jesse instructs them to seal off the area. Greenlee worries about where Ryan is, but Amanda assures her she's not alone. Greenlee thanks her but she knows David wasn't Amanda's favorite person. Amanda says all that matters right now is that he was her husband. Greenlee sits with David's body and takes his hand. She tells him she never wanted this for him. She cries and says he deserved better – they both did. Mayor Blanco enters and talks with Liza, who assures her she wants whoever did this to David to pay, but he used to be her client so it could be a conflict of interest. The mayor demands she take this case or she will find a new D.A. The EMTs come to take David's body and Jake gently helps Greenlee move away from him. Damon comes over to Asher and Colby, who tell him what they saw. Colby doesn’t know what to do, but Asher says Ryan will tell the cops if he thinks it's something they need to know, but if he doesn't say anything, then Colby will just be starting trouble if she reports the fight. Natalia questions Caleb and Krystal, but Caleb abruptly ends it and leads Krystal out so she can got to Marissa. Jesse questions Greenlee and he says once the dust settles, he will need a complete statement, but she doesn't know how the dust settles after something like this. Jesse walks away into Liza, who informs him she is the new D.A., which means they are working on this case together. Jesse just wants her to stay out of his way. Colby overhears and talks to her mother about her new job. Liza wants her to go home so she isn't involved in any of this. Jesse goes over to Angie and Tad. Tad thinks things are great now that David is gone, but Angie reminds him he was a father and it's a tragedy what happened. Tad thinks the tragedy is just beginning.

Ryan stumbles out of David's room scratched, bloody and disoriented. Kendall runs into the hallway and finds him, but he doesn't remember what happened. Kendall asks if he got into an argument with David, but he doesn’t think so. He doesn’t know though because everything is a blank. Kendall looks inside David's thrashed room and tells Ryan they need to get out of there. He wonders why and she just tells him he needs to trust her. After they walk away a cop comes to the floor and sees David's room in disarray.

Kendall brings Ryan to his place. He wants to go to the hospital, but she thinks he's better off with her. Kendall calls Greenlee and tells her about Ryan. She instructs her to come over and Greenlee says she'll be right there.

After Greenlee has left the party, Jesse and Liza continue to bicker about working together. Liza informs him that Angie is at the top of the suspect list, which enrages Jesse. He tells her to back off, but she can't because this is her job. Jesse insists Angie didn't do and is forced to admit that she is blind.

Back at Ryan's, Kendall tells him Greenlee is on her way and says she thinks he and David had a fight. Ryan wonders where David is now. He wants to go to the police station in case David is making a statement. Greenlee walks in and tells Ryan and Kendall that David is dead. Stunned, Ryan wonders if he did it.

In an empty Krystal's, Marissa check her voicemail and listens to a message from David reaching out to her. She deletes it and gets back to studying. Caleb brings Krystal to the restaurant. Krystal sits with Marissa and delicately breaks the news of David's death. Marissa cries as she recounts David message and how they will never have a future together. She can't believe she deleted his last words to her. Krystal doesn’t want her to beat herself up over this and just wants her to grieve.

Next on All My Children:

An autopsy is performed.

JR is curious about Asher's behavior around the cops.

Annie wants to end the honeymoon early.

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