Asher comes to the main room in the Chandler mansion and looks at a photo of Adam. Colby walks in and notes how good he looks in his tux. He says it's a rental, but she doesn’t think it looks like one. JR walks in and meets Asher and skeptically wonders if he's interested in Colby or the house. Colby explains how Asher saved her from falling off the building. She adds Asher is the reason she will now take the job at Chandler. JR is thrilled and tells Asher he owes him.

The security guard starts to open the door to Liza's office, as Ryan panics. The guard looks around inside, but then gets called away. Ryan comes out of hiding, pulls out the key and tries to figure out what drawer it opens.

Despite Kendall's best efforts to keep Liza at the party, Liza walks away and Kendall tries to call Ryan. Elsewhere, David tells Greenlee he wants to go on their trip right after the party. She suggests they leave in the morning after they're rested. David grabs her arms hard and angrily tells her he knows everything and that everything she has done and said has been one big lie. David wants to discuss it further, but not there so no one can overhear what he has to say. Meanwhile, Tad calls JR to tell him to come to the party. JR says he has work to do and will pass, but Tad convinces him to come. Across the room, Bianca tells Caleb he looks almost proud to be there, but he says he would rather be home chasing Miranda around. Bianca tells him it's a wonderful party and Uncle Pete would be proud. Caleb thanks her. Colby and Asher enter the party and see Damon passing out drinks. He's happy to see Colby but says he won't be able to take a break anytime soon. Colby suggests she and Asher dance, as Krystal and Caleb do the same. Asher bumps into Caleb, who gruffly tells him to watch where's going. JR walks in the party, as Frankie questions Madison why she isn't with Ryan. She downs a couple of drinks and says he'll be back soon.

David and Greenlee go outside and she says he's right - what they had was all a lie and now they can face the truth, which is that they are over. She thinks if they walk away now they will be better off. David tells her he's not going anywhere and neither is she. He grabs her and instructs her to get Ryan to back off. She asks if he is threatening to hurt Ryan. David doesn't care about Ryan, but Greenlee wants assurances that nothing will happen to him. David just makes cryptic statements and Greenlee can't believe she ever loved him. David declares he will never let her go and walks away.

Greenlee goes back to the party where Kendall tells her David just walked through the room and that Liza went to her office. Greenlee runs off to handle it. Kendall finds Caleb off by himself and he says she reminds him of Erica. They head back to the party so he can make his speech.

As Ryan finds some files, Liza comes to her office. Ryan reveals himself to her. He tells her he is looking for David's manufactured evidence against Greenlee. He implores her to give it to him and then Liza's phone rings. She picks it up and says it's for Ryan. Greenlee tells him to get out of Liza's office and he runs out to find her.

JR talks up Asher at the party and again says he owes him for convincing Colby to work for him. Asher says he could use a job, noting he's pretty good at computers. JR wonders what his interest in Colby is and Asher insists they are just friends. JR gives him his card saying he will see what he can do. Ryan runs back in and blows Madison off to talk to Greenlee, who tells him to stay out of this because she's decided to stay with David. Ryan is dumbfounded, but Greenlee stands her ground. Ryan leaves to get the truth. The mayor sees Liza and tells her she's appointed her interim D.A. after David spoke highly of her. Tad walks by Liza and learns of her new position. Tad thinks since she won't be representing David anymore it's the best thing for her and there might be hope for her yet. Caleb confronts JR about being there, but JR says he had a connection to Palmer as well. JR adds Caleb's time has passed, he just doesn't know it yet. Opal walks over to break it up suggesting Caleb give his speech.

David goes back to his room where Ryan comes knocking. Ryan demands to know what David is holding over Greenlee and they get in a physical fight as Colby and Asher walk by and see. The kids walk away as the fight continues and gets more violent.

Caleb addresses the crowd in the ballroom and thanks them for their generosity towards the Miranda Center. Caleb talks about glowingly about Palmer and then announces he will take his company back from those who stole it. Caleb also states he is changing his last name to Cortlandt and then David stumbles in and collapses in front of everyone.

Next on All My Children:

Due to the Labor Day holiday, an encore episode of Jake and Amanda's wedding will air.

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