At their home, Angie tells Jesse her vision has been gone for over an hour – the longest episode she's had. She worries this could be it and she'll never see his face again. She's not ready, but Jesse assures her they will get through it together. Angie is determined to still go to Caleb's party and believes her vision will return by the end of the night. She tells Jesse no matter what happens though, she will always have him.

Greenlee comes to her and David's room with her dress for the party. David tells her he wants to go on a trip with her and if it goes the way he wants, he will be happy to get rid of all the blackmail evidence and it will be just the two of them. He says he's tired of all the lies and wonders if she is too. She tells him she wants it to be real between them again.

Kendall and Ryan go over their plan for Ryan to break into Liza's office while at his place. Kendall makes jokes, but Ryan is dead serious about freeing Greenlee from David. She questions what happens once Greenlee is in fact free and alone. Ryan says it won't matter because he and Greenlee are the past, but Kendall knows when Greenlee wants something she goes for it. Madison comes in dressed for the party and Kendall leaves. Madison asks him to help her pick which pair of shoes to wear and he happily obliges.

After getting Miranda settled back in at Wildwind, Bianca and Caleb discuss the party. Caleb wonders if Erica will show up. She tells him Erica can't make it and Caleb wonders how he ended up here. Bianca thinks a part of him might actually enjoy the party. Caleb notes Miranda is really something and Bianca asks about Sonja again. Caleb tells her the fire just reminded him of something that happened a long time ago and leaves to get changed. Caleb later comes back to the room and talks to the portrait of Palmer. He vows to get Palmer's company back and tells him he actually saved a kid – not like before. Once Caleb has left, Kendall comes over and discusses Caleb and Erica with Bianca. The sisters talk about Kendall coming home and Bianca senses something is wrong. Kendall insists she's got everything under control and then goes to get dressed for the party.

In their living room, Krystal asks for Opal's opinion on what she should wear and tells
Tad she's going to the party with Caleb when he walks in. Tad wonders if they are going by car or mule. Krystal makes fun of him for worrying about Caleb and goes to change. Opal supports Krystal going with Caleb because he is Palmer's nephew, so how bad can he be? Caleb comes to the house to pick up Krystal and notes Tad's disdain. Opal tries to smoothing things over, but the men continue to exchange barbs. Krystal comes down and leaves with Caleb.

At the Yacht Club, Caleb worries why no one is there yet, as Krystal informs him it's par for the course at these types of events. David and Greenlee walk in as Ryan and Madison follow. Caleb tells them they are late, but less late than the others – so, cheers! Angie and Jesse walk in and update a shocked Krystal on what happened with Miranda. Jesse tells them Angie wants to quit medicine, but Caleb tells her she shouldn't because the world needs good doctors. David approaches Jesse and Angie and needles her about her blindness. He lets them know he wrote a letter to the hospital board, the staff and the medical board about what Angie has been doing. Across the room, Madison goes to the ladies room as Ryan approaches Greenlee. He senses something happened, but she just says David wants them to take a trip together. Ryan wants her to go along with it because it won't get that far. Madison returns to dance with Ryan as Krystal and Caleb run into Liza. Opal then drags Caleb off to dance, as Kendall walks in and thanks Caleb for saving Miranda. Opal is stunned to learn what happened, as Ryan pulls Kendall aside to say it's time. Kendall promises to watch Liza and Ryan explains to Madison he has to slip out. Kendall tells Liza she wants to hang out and catch up, but Liza doesn’t think so and walks away. Liza walks across the room and overhears Tad tell Krystal he cares about her so he's being overprotective where Caleb is concerned and she needs to get used to it. Kendall walks over to her and Liza says she's going to her office. Kendall urgently tells her she can't as Madison overhears and texts Ryan. On the dance floor, David tells Greenlee he's planning their vacation right away so whatever she needs to do in order to leave town she should to it because he's not taking no for an answer.

Ryan breaks into Liza's office and searches around. The security guard hears Ryan's phone go off and calls out asking if anyone is in there.

Next on All My Children:

Asher asks JR for a job.

Madison drowns her sorrows.

David threatens Ryan.

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