With Ryan on speakerphone, Greenlee searches her and David's room for the key Liza gave David. As she finds it, David walks in. Greenlee covers with her husband and then goes to take a walk.

After getting disconnected with Greenlee, Ryan runs out of his place, but finds Madison at his door. She gives him cufflinks for the party and he says he will thank her properly later. He has to go and she correctly assumes he's going to help Greenlee.

Greenlee and Ryan meet up at the park where she gives him the key. Ryan thinks it will be the key to her freedom. Greenlee can't believe how much he's helping her but he informs her he's doing it for himself as well because of everything that's happened since their ill-fated wedding night. He thinks this will help them both move on. She tells him she wants him to be happy, as David walks up in the distance with flowers and sees them acting familiar with each other. Ryan tells Greenlee he will break into Liza's office while she says she will continue to play the good wife with David. Enraged at the sight of them, David steps on the flowers and walks away. Ryan and Greenlee make plans to liberate her from David at the party tomorrow.

David sees Liza at the Yacht Club who tells him she thinks she's being watched by Kendall and Ryan, but she told them to back off. However, she thinks they need reevaluate their relationship. She needs clients and her association with him is a deterrent. He tells her to fire him and make it as public as she wants because they will both be moving on to better things. David thinks he can use his pull with Mayor Blanco to get her the D.A. position, which will ensure he has a friend in that office, just in case. Liza wonders what he's up to now.

Liza goes to her office and pulls out the files she has on Greenlee. She puts them back, and looks at herself fin the mirror calling herself Madame District Attorney.

Ryan returns home after getting a key made. Madison asks after Greenlee and then David and he says they may not have to worry about him anymore. They discuss the party and look forward to having a good time. She tells him in a weird way she's glad all this has happened with Greenlee because she's seen what kind of man he is – the kind a woman wants in her life.

Greenlee comes home and puts the key back in the desk drawer as David walks in and sees her. They both pretend that everything is fine and she says she can't wait to go to the party with him. She thinks it will be a real turning point for them and David says he was thinking the exact same thing.

The mayor calls Jesse to the hospital after her assistant was attacked during a carjacking. Jesse says he's on it and thanks her for his badge back. She reminds him if he wants to keep it he has to stay away from David. She leaves and Natalia walks up assuming Jesse will never let things go with David. Natalia gets a call about Miranda and Angie and Jesse takes off.

At Wildwind, a still vision impaired Angie determines Miranda is still breathing and has a good pulse. The fire department comes and Caleb goes with Miranda to the hospital. Jesses rushes over and tries to calm a distressed Angie down. She thinks her episodes are becoming more frequent and it will one day become permanent. She can't be a doctor anymore if she's putting lives at stake. Jesse points out she didn't panic and still took care of Miranda, which means she was being a good doctor and she shouldn't throw in the towel just yet. He then shows her his badge and she's thrilled he's been reinstated.

Caleb bursts into the hospital with the EMTs and Miranda. Frankie checks her out and they take her for further examination, leaving a frantic Caleb behind. Bianca runs in and Caleb updates her. Bianca races off to see her daughter. Frankie tells Bianca Miranda may have a sore throat for a while but there is no permanent damage. Bianca thanks Caleb for saving her daughter. He gets emotional and walks out of the room. He mistakenly refers to Miranda as Sonja and Bianca wonders who that is. He asks her not to pry, but Bianca wonders if there was another fire where he lost someone. Angie and Jesse come to the hospital and get an update from Frankie. Bianca sees Angie and thanks her for being there for her daughter. Bianca returns to Miranda and Angie approaches Caleb. He tells her she was amazing, but she admits she was terrified. He calls her Dr. Hubbard, but she tells him her friends call her Angie. Bianca finds Caleb again and says she's there if he ever feels like talking. She hugs him and says she's glad he came into their lives. In the hallway, Jesse tells Angie he has to get back to the station. He offers to take her home, but she tells him she's got it covered. She thinks after today, she just might have a future as a doctor after all if she can get David out of her way.

Next on All My Children:

David antagonizes Angie.

Opal wants to find out more about Caleb.

David and Greenlee try to play each other.

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