Amanda comes to the hospital to take Jake on a break after all the hours he's been putting in. Jake mentions it would only be worse if he took over for Angie, who approaches and notes he doesn't want the job. Jake tells Angie he couldn’t do as good a job as she does, but Angie begs to differ. He agrees to do it but only while she is on maternity leave and while she learns to deal with her blindness. He thinks she can stay in the game and win. Annie appreciates his confidence in her, but she won't let him take the Chief of Staff job. She knows he doesn't want it and she needs someone who is committed to the fight against David. She won't force him and says she has a back up plan. She instructs Amanda to take her husband on a break and the Martins leaves, as Angie's vision goes out. After her vision returns, Angie calls for a cab.

As Bianca works on the party at Wildwind, Caleb runs downstairs after Miranda, who interrupted what he was doing. Bianca asks for help with the party, but Caleb wants no part of it. As they debate his interest in the party, Miranda runs back in and Caleb grabs her. She laughs because he is pretending to be mean, but he insists he is the meanest man in the world, as he tickles her and tries to grab her nose.

Annie defends her marriage to JR in the main room at the mansion. She declares she is over him and that he was the worst mistake of her life. Scott walks in wondering what JR did to his wife. Annie tells Scott they were just arguing over who will cover for her while they are gone. JR drips with disdain over their honeymoon and then leaves. Scott gives Annie a dress for when they go away to a private island. He wants to give her the world and for them to be a family forever. She excitedly tells him how much she loves only him. She never thought she'd have the future she always dreamed of for her and Emma. Scott tells her not to be afraid because he has her forever. They kiss and then run upstairs to their bed.

While AJ runs off to the kitchen at Krystal's, Marissa tells her mother she and JR are breaking the news of their divorce to the boy. Marissa worries about AJ, but says he is her son and that will never change. AJ runs back with a cookie for his mommy and they go out back. JR walks in and Krystal yells at him for hurting Marissa. AJ and Marissa return, as Caleb walks in. Krystal runs over to him and asks him not to say anything to JR yet and they head outside. Marissa, JR and AJ sit at a table where AJ is told of the divorce. He thinks moms always leave, but Marissa assures him she will never stop loving him and will always take care of him.

Caleb and Krystal go to the park and she asks about Palmer's party. He says he'd rather have a root canal than go. After encouraging him to attend, Caleb gruffly asks if he can give her a ride to the event.

JR returns to the mansion and gets a call from Annie who is lying in bed after sex with Scott. She tells him to meet her in the park in ten minutes.

In the park, Annie accuses JR of being jealous of her and Scott. JR assures her he's accepted that she married his cousin and wishes her a good trip.

Krystal returns to the restaurant after JR has left. Marissa tells her mother how it went with AJ and thinks he'll be fine. Marissa starts to cry as she expresses how much she loved JR. Once Krystal has left, Scott comes in and tells Marissa how sorry he is about everything. She assures him she and JR never belonged together in the first place. She vows she'll be happy though because she still has AJ. She notes JR isn't fighting custody and AJ is JR's top priority. Scott wishes he could believe that and thinks Marissa needs to step up and be there for AJ. Marissa says she couldn't save her marriage but she will save her son.

After Bianca has left, Angie comes to Wildwind and visits with Miranda while she waits for Caleb. Angie's vision goes out and Miranda runs off to get her magical glasses as smoke starts to come out of a vent in the house. Caleb comes in and Annie urgently asks if he found anything on David. He says he's working on it, but she tells him to work faster. She tells him about her blindness and then she smells smoke. Caleb notes he was working on the wiring and runs upstairs to find Miranda. Angie calls for help on her phone as Caleb carries an unconscious Miranda downstairs. He says there is no time to wait for the fire department, she needs to save the little girl.

Bianca goes to see Opal at the Martin house and then Amanda and Jake walk in. Opal enlists their help with the party and leaves the room with Bianca. Jake worries about Angie to Amanda and hopes her back up plan is strong enough to take on David. Opal and Bianca return and receive new instructions as Krystal walks in learning Caleb won't help with the party. She tells them he is giving her a ride to the event so she will make sure he's on his best behavior.

Next on All My Children:

Bianca races to the hospital.

Angie doubts her ability to be a doctor.

Greenlee finds the key Liza gave David.

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