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Lori’s Weekly Wrap Up for June 21 – 25:

Last week was about life changing perceptions, strange plots, and one very special episode.

Eye Opening.
JR got a wake up call in the form of his friend’s widow who just gave birth. He suddenly decided he needed to grab what he wanted in life, but I thought he did anyway, as he seems to really only play by his own rules. However, instead of grabbing his family, he grabbed Annie and laid a juicy kiss on her. I don’t think Marissa would have appreciated that, but she was too busy scheming to get her husband’s attention through their son AJ.

In Cahoots.
As much as I don’t get Scott’s devotion to her, I do enjoy that he and Annie share the secret about Scott stealing the nanotech invention from a deceased Palmer. It was pretty funny watching them try to get their hands on Palmer’s will at the hospital and I hope we see more of them working as a united couple.

Hit the Ground Running.
Much like JR, Erica also decided to grab life by the horns, as she came back in full force after her mountain ordeal. She accepted Jack’s proposal and hightailed it over to Fusion straight from her hospital bed, well coifed and dolled up of course, (as mamajj said, “No time to look drab only fab.”) in order to lay the smack down on Greenlee. She then rallied the troops in order to save her daughter’s company. I was happy she didn’t allow Madison to take the fall regarding the scandal, even though Greenlee was all about it. Regarding the scandal, did someone really steal funds from Fusion, or is the paper trail just the one that David created? I’m a little unclear on that.