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Lori’s Weekly Wrap Up for June 14 – 18:

The big news last week was that Erica was rescued and a recast Bianca came home. Of course other things happened as well, so let’s get to it.

Coming Home.
After getting Caleb to soften just a little bit and sort of admit he has loved and lost, Erica was rescued by Jack. Krystal was there too, but she was preoccupied with Caleb’s special brand of hostile hospitality. I’m pretty glad to be done with Erica’s paltry attempts at getting down the mountain herself and her yelling at Caleb over his insensitivity, even if she was justified. Her reunion with Jack was sweet, because his worry over her and reaction to actually finding her was endearing. It should be interesting to see what happens once she returns to Pine Valley and presumably makes Greenlee squirm. Not to mention what the future holds for Caleb.

Welcome Back.
Bianca returned, in the form of Christina Bennett Lind, to find out what was going on with her mother. She correctly assumed Greenlee and David were involved in Erica’s disappearance and is intent on proving it. So far I’m liking Lind’s take on the character and am finding it easy to believe she is Bianca. I often found Eden Reigel’s version to be a little too sweet and kind of fragile, so I’m looking forward to seeing a tougher version of Binx. On a side note, I really wanted Bianca to ask Ryan about his affair with her mother. I thought their moment talking about Greenlee’s involvement in Erica’s disappearance garnered at least a mention of it.

Damon to the Rescue.
When Liza had an allergic reaction to some lobster quiche, Damon conveniently pulled out his EpiPen and stabbed her thigh with it thereby saving her life. Good thing her dress was so easily accessible, but what will this mean for them now? Perhaps Liza will soften towards Damon or maybe he’ll ease up on blackmailing her with the scandalous photos he took of her in lingerie. Other than that, the only point of the scene I could see was for Colby to tell Damon she loved him and to learn both Damon and Liza have life threatening allergies. Good to know.