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Lori’s Weekly Wrap Up for June 7 – 11:

Last week centered mostly on Jake and Amanda’s wedding, but there was also a little Chandler and mountain drama thrown in.

Misguided Intentions.
I understand Liza’s plan to break up Damon and Colby before he can hurt her, as it’s a staple in a soap mother’s arsenal, but how does having her daughter find her naked with her boyfriend really help her? She is trying to avoid the past by actively making it happen. It makes no sense. All she ended up doing was jeopardizing her relationship with both Tad and Colby because Damon now has those pesky photos. Although, to echo some of you on the message boards, since the photos were taken of Liza in her lingerie, in her house, without her knowledge, they look more like the work of a stalker.

The Missing Piece.
Tad and Damon connecting as father and son is missing the beat of both men confronting Hilary about it face to face. They reintroduced her name and presence, so they should get an actual actress, the original or a recast, to play her so they can fully round out the story.

The Wedding.

Amanda looked beautiful, but I wish Jake would have shaved, gotten a haircut and worn black. They are a super cute couple and I like them together, but their cutesiness is getting a bit much, so I’m ready to see them do something besides love each other.