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Lori’s Weekly Wrap Up for May 24 – 28:

Last week gave us more Caleb, more Chandler hijinks, and more of the endearing Hubbards, but less of the Liza I enjoy.

Filling a Void.

I’m really enjoying Caleb so far and I think he could be the strong male character I was talking about a couple of weeks ago that AMC is missing. He seems like a man’s man who certainly does not take any crap from Erica, which is always refreshing. Harleygirl49 commented that she’d like to see him be a relative of Zach Slater’s. Caleb is supposed to have ties to Pine Valley and so far it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to think they could be cut from the same cloth. And if it brought Zach back even for a couple of episodes, I’d be all for that idea.

Lonely Liza.
I don’t like how Liza is being portrayed as the lonely bitter shrew. Alright, that might be an overstatement, but the Liza I remember was stronger and tougher than this. She didn’t illicit sympathy because she was too busy taking charge and making things happen. Maybe I’m remembering her wrong from when Marcy Walker played her, but I don’t want to see Liza being asked to stand up in Amanda’s wedding because she’s sitting alone at a table in Krystal’s restaurant, or even trying to control her daughter’s dating life. I want her to be a positive influence on her daughter, while kicking butt, taking names, and seducing hot (perhaps younger) men. Don’t get me wrong, I want her to be a real person with real emotions, but I don’t want her made out to be a pathetic character we should feel sorry for. I’d like to see her get a viable love interest and create some serious heat, because that’s the Liza I remember and I know Jamie Luner has it in her to steam up the joint.