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Lori’s Weekly Wrap Up for May 17 – 21:

Last week, David and Greenlee’s plan for Erica went too far, Scott developed a plan of his own and Jake’s plan almost backfired. A lot happened, so let’s break it down.

Good Times at the Mansion.
The goings on at the Chandler mansion are getting pretty entertaining. I’m not sure why Marissa took JR back so quickly though, especially when she found Annie in JR’s bedroom when he was half naked. I think it would be interesting if she took him back so she could secretly make his and Annie’s life a living Hell. I do love when nice, mousy characters get a backbone and turn bad. It might be too much since that’s what happened with Annie, but watching Marissa and Annie battle on an even level might be fun. What do you think about the situation? Vote in our poll about Marissa taking JR back.

Scott also shared the idea he stole from Palmer with Annie, which was rather trusting, but the thought of them teaming up is intriguing. The nice guy/bad girl combination usually makes for a good coupling and it could have some serious consequences for JR. I had to laugh though as he explained the prototype for a computer that could project on any surface, as I thought of The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Oliver and his super cool phone that projected video, also, on any surface. Sometimes the soap world is so small.

The Hayward Effect.
I’m having a hard time with Greenlee’s willingness to frame Erica for a crime that could land her in jail. I know she’s always been a schemer and done some morally questionable things, but this seems like she’s taking it a bit too far. If David had come up with the idea, I would have understood, but this was all Greens. I see her more of the blackmailing, manipulative type, not the deliberately sending someone to prison type. It was funny though that Greenlee chastised David for his scheming in one breath, but was okay with him helping her with her own devious plan in the next. The couple that schemes together stays together I guess.

David of course took her plan one step further and tampered with Erica’s plane, which put La Kane in serious jeopardy. While he only meant for the plane to be grounded, I sense there will be a lot of backlash when that little tidbit comes out.