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Lori’s Weekly Wrap Up for May 10 – 14:

This is my first blog since taking over the All My Children section from Candace. I’ve watched the show on and off over the years, mostly off this past year, but I’ve kept up to date with the goings on and have a good idea of what’s been happening. So here are my thoughts on last week.

Pregnancy Test.

I’m not entirely sure what the point of Greenlee’s pregnancy scare was all about since it was so quickly resolved. I did wonder though, since we didn’t actually see her take the test or see the results, could she actually be pregnant? Or will she later be diagnosed with something? Or was this simply so she could have a deep meaningful conversation with Ryan and then argue about it with David later?

The Haywards.
I’m not sure how I feel about Greenlee and David as a couple. I enjoyed their relationship as former in-laws who bonded over the loss of Leo, but I’m not sure they should have taken it to this level. I like the idea of them teaming up to wreak havoc, but to me, David mooning over his wife lessens the threat he poses and makes him seem weak.

The Cover Up.
Speaking of David, I’m glad Madison copped to manipulating Ryan before things went too far. I really don’t have much use for Madison so far and I really don’t want to see her and Ryan get together, as I’m not sensing much chemistry between them so far.