AMC Rant
Week of March 22 – 26:

All My Children has really shown signs of improvement again this past week! Sure, there are still things to rant about, but the bottom line is that viewers are enjoying watching the show again, and are back to anticipating what’s to come in Pine Valley. Here are some points about last week:

Drinking With Damon.
This is one storyline I just wasn’t feeling – for the second week in a row. I love the actors and characters – Liza, Damon, Tad – but the plot has skewed strangely. After really enjoying the dynamic with Liza and Tad, and being thrilled at the news Damon would turn out to be Tad’s son, the writers inexplicably have chosen to knock viewers out of that groove, resulting in characters who suddenly don’t seem like themselves and a plot that feels all wrong. Also, the writers seem to be leaning toward doing a replay of Tad’s history with the Damon character. At this point, I’m not keen on that idea – something original would be refreshing and unpredictable.

You’re Fired!
Umm…would anyone in Pine Valley who knows Jesse really believe he fired Natalia? Worse, Natalia gave up her undercover status to Ryan within an hour of showing up at the casino!

Sexiest Man Alive!
Jake and Amanda were enjoyable to watch this past week. So nice to see Jake not fixated on David and able to focus on his brother and his wife. He had a couple of funny/cute one-liners, and the Jake/Jackson scenes were good too!