Aiden talks about life on the set. (ABC)

A few weeks ago, spoke with All My Children fan favorite Aiden Turner about his role and the what the future holds for his character, Aidan Devane. You can read that article here. We finish up our interview with Aiden this month as he talks about life on the set, practical jokes and those fun fan appearances.

Kristi: Tell us about fan appearances! Has a fan ever caught you off guard in a private moment and surprised you?

Aiden: When I first started, I found them quite mad. It was kind of strange at first, with all of the people around you but over the years I’ve come to appreciate them. You can get to know the people that watch. They give so much love that it’s enjoyable to go and the people are so full love.

Kristi: You celebrated a birthday last month. We hear your fan club makes a big deal of your birthday every year.

Aidea: Yeah, I have a fan club with 150 people on there and every time I have a birthday and they send me presents – one of the things I’ve gotten is a Sirius satellite radio. You can’t buy that kind of love.

Kristi: With your family so far away, does the fan club kind of fill that gap?

Aiden: It does a bit. You know, I have my wife and her family in Atlanta. But the fans really make me feel at home here.