AMC Rant
Week of March 8 – 12:

All My Children was pretty good at times last week! There are certainly things I would put a quick end to if I had the power, and there are still times I find myself looking at the clock to see if the episode will end soon, but overall the show is improving noticeably. Here are this week’s notes:

Make It Stop: The manufactured conflict between Greenlee and Ryan is so not entertaining to watch. Since her reasons for being angry with him were questionable in the first place, continually putting them in the same room to rehash the so-called animosity is nothing short of headache-inducing. That’s without even getting into the way Ryan constantly smirks condescendingly at her, as though she’s just so silly with her cute little tantrums and outbursts! Yeesh! I just feel that this hasn’t turned out to be the great love re-match with huge rooting value that the writers had hoped it would be – the Ryan character’s been through the wringer, and is not currently as popular as he once was, and Greens has great chemistry with David – time to move on!

Tables Turned: It was kind of funny when David turned the tables on Erica and tied her to the chair, and the ensuing scenes between them were nicely intense at times. But the real kicker came when Greenlee found Erica, er, indisposed, and laughed with delight – good moment! Greenlee also hit the nail on the head when she told Erica that others don’t like to hear the sound of her voice nearly as much as she does! Good stuff!

Retirement Dinner: For Jesse, anyone? I think all hope of him being a respected police chief went out the window when he actually commended Nutty Natalia for breaking the rules – just because it helped his case against David! Not only is this highly suspect, but he’s probably just unleashed a monster – Natalia will be even more unbearable now!

Bring On the Brooke: I know they didn’t bring the fabulous Brooke back just to play mother hen to everyone. That said, her scenes with Annie have been pretty sweet – their exchange in the hospital was a brief, but interesting, change in the dynamic – made you see Annie’s vulnerable side. What I’m really waiting for, however, is for Brooke to run into Erica! Meowrr!