AMC Rant
Week of February 22 – 26:

All My Children is certainly improving, and bringing back the character Brooke English sure didn’t hurt! It’s been fabulous having her and Jack back in Pine Valley where they belong. That said, there are still issues to rant about! Let’s see what stood out:

Freaky Frankie: This seemed like a really odd story point to me – Frankie, an adult and professional, was so intent on his parents getting alone time that he decided not to contact Angie about a hospital matter which only required her to make a quick phone call? Then he’s so angry that she won’t let him take the fall for the mistake, that he hits the desk and re-injures his hand? Hardly compelling stuff, and actually, this makes Frankie look like a hot-head at best, and a complete nimrod at worst! Still waiting for better than this…

Damon’s Arrest: This seemed like a re-write to me. The robberies were originally being set up to look like someone else, it seemed, but my guess is the new writers decided to change direction, deal with the issue, and move on.

Turret Trouble: I was about ready to hang myself from the turret window by the time Ryan finally let Greenlee out of there! Boring!

Erica’s Angle: The back and forth between David and Erica was less than thrilling – until Nurse Gayle arrived on the scene – way to go Erica! Good twist in the story!

Adam’s No Fool: Yay! Adam seems to be himself again! On Monday he called Annie and Scott out on their flirting (finally!), and in the hospital he chose Brooke to run Tempo, completely ignoring Annie’s whining and cajoling – that’s the Adam we know and love!