Credit: Chrishell Stause (ABC)

Another exciting year of Emmy action is upon us, and is here to take a look at which All My Children actors and actresses put themselves up for an Emmy nomination this year! Those pre-nominated are as follows:

For Outstanding Lead Actor, David Canary (Adam/Stuart Chandler), Vincent Irizarry (David Hayward), and Thorsten Kaye (Zack Slater). In the Lead Actress category it’s Bobbie Eakes (Krystal Carey), and Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart Slater). Outstanding Supporting Actor hopefuls are Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake Martin), and Jacob Young (JR Chandler), while Supporting Actress pre-nominees are Melissa Claire Egan (Annie Chandler), and Chrishell Stause (Amanda Martin). Last, but not least in the categories of Outstanding Younger Actress and Actor are Brittany Allen (Marissa Tasker Chandler), Shannon Kane (Natalia Hubbard), Daniel Kennedy (Pete Cortlandt), and JR Martinez (Brot Monroe). This is based on the year 2009, so let’s look at these characters’ highlights!

Adam/Stuart Chandler: Adam Chandler realized that he had shot his own brother in a drug-induced haze in which he believed he was killing himself. Powerful!

Dr. David Hayward: Threatened, and then manipulated, Amanda, went head-to-head with Jake, and had touching moments with Trevor.

Zack Slater:
Wrestled with his feelings for Kendall – even went to jail to protect her. Suffered immensely after thinking she had run off with Aidan.

Krystal Carey:
She left Dr. David Hayward which led to some pretty intense arguments and emotional scenes!

Kendall Hart Slater:
Kendall fought back against accusations of murder, and struggled with the fact that she couldn’t remember the night in question. Reunited with Zach, only to have to go on the run.