AMC Rant
Week of February 15-19:

There were some good scenes this past week on All My Children, particularly from the heavy-hitting actors on the show. That said, some of the scenes with endless dialogue were horrible to sit through! Here’s how it all panned out:

At the Chapel: I found it interesting that it was more riveting by far watching Annie and Ryan argue at the church, than watching Ryan harass Greenlee about her true intentions and feelings.

Fly ‘Em In: The hair and makeup crew from New York, that is! The new bunch in L.A. are really having trouble making our stars look as good as we’re used to seeing!

Colby Conundrum: As much as I’m enjoying seeing Colby bait Annie, interact with JR, and with Damon, I’m disappointed that she is behaving like she’s sixteen again. The storyline might be better if she were to act slightly more mature and edgy, as opposed to spoiled and mouthy.

Annie/Scott: I really don’t get this. Where is Annie coming from where Scott’s concerned? She could have chosen to be with Scott a long while back if she was that attracted to him – he would have offered her stability and credibility as much, perhaps more so, than Adam! Thankfully, wishy-washy Scott finally took a stand on the situation this week.

Angie’s Stress: Wow, you could really feel her stress and tension this week – great acting! Jake was pretty powerful in her office too, but I just wish he’d get off the David kick – it’s old. I love Jesse and Angie and look forward to seeing them find their way back to a better place relationship-wise.