AMC Rant
Week of February 8-12:

Things are definitely looking up at All My Children, however, there are still some curiously inane plot points occurring. The highlights of the week for me were getting to see more of Jack Montgomery, JR and the Chandlers, and Greenlee revealing herself – fun!

Erica/Ryan Break Up: This was about as dumb as it gets. After all the weeks of churning emotion and self-examination culminating in the pair deciding to make a go of it publicly – they up and decide to end it in about thirty seconds just because Jack shows up?! If I remember correctly, Erica began flirting and going out for dinner with Ryan before Jack ever left town – so why would it suddenly matter to her what he thinks? Obviously it was a storyline adjustment necessary for the writers to move on in another direction from this patently unpopular pairing, but the way it went down was totally unrealistic.

Please Move On: I have all my fingers and toes crossed in hopes that David’s new drama with Greenlee will mean that we never have to hear another argument between Amanda and Jake over him – it’s really gone beyond annoying and makes them nearly unbearable to have on screen. Even their potentially romantic Valentine’s Day scene was ruined over David – enough!

PVPD Antics: So Jesse lies to David, telling him that Jake gave a statement placing him in the elevator at Fusion (Jake had actually backed out of that statement), and then Natalia offers herself up on a silver platter to get information from a slick computer hacker? Makes you want to walk up to a brick wall and bang your head against it a few times, doesn’t it?

Colby vs Annie: Even though this rivalry has moments where it seems rather contrived, it really does have potential. I must admit, I have no idea why Annie would be back to kissing Scott at this point, but here’s hoping he will stop being so wishy-washy one way or the other – either join Team Colby or seduce Annie – make your move, Scott!