Who knows more about kissing than a star of Daytime television?! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Soaps.com caught up with All My Children’s Rebecca Budig, whose character Greenlee is set for a Valentine’s Day wedding, to get some expert advice!

Soaps.com: You’ve kissed plenty of men over the years playing Greenlee, which makes you something of an expert. Would you give our readers some kissing tips to help them achieve some memorable Valentine’s moments?

Rebecca: For the perfect kiss, you need soft lips, so you need lip balm, or gloss – not sticky – and fresh breath – which is imperative – I’ve been using the Colgate Wisp, which is a single-use toothbrush that’s amazing. Gum or breath strips don’t really make your mouth feel clean, so I use that and I love it. Other than that, you need to be in the moment, go slow, take your time – that makes the perfect kiss.

For Valentine’s Day it’s great – if you’re going to dinner, and take these little single-use toothbrushes – put them in your pocket or purse, and then go to the bathroom and brush your teeth – you don’t need water or anything. They’re awesome!

Soaps.com: How do you keep your lips in great shape for the perfect kiss at a minute’s notice? Do you have a lipgloss preference?

Rebecca: I like Aquaphor – it’s amazing!

Soaps.com: Are there any kissing no-nos?

Rebecca: Bad breath, sloppy kissing, and I don’t think over-served alcohol induced kissing is very fun! I’m most concerned with having good breath when I’m doing a kissing scene at work – that’s the main thing for me.

Soaps.com wishes all of our readers a fantastic Valentine’s Day! Feel free to comment on kissing in the space below and find out what the actors said their perfect Valentine’s Day would be in Interviews: Spend Valentine’s Day With the Soap Stars!