AMC Rant
Week of January 25 – 29:

There were some good moments this week on All My Children, but on the whole the stories still have a very predictable feel – nothing too intriguing is happening. Here’s the lowdown on the main plot points this past week:

Krystal’s Little Green Monster: As I suspected would happen before long, Krystal’s jealousy over Tad and Liza’s rekindled romance flared up this week. Anyone could tell that Rob was just a prop, and that a triangle is in the works. Personally, I love the chemistry between Liza and Tad – they’re funny, fun, and sexy – and while I was a Krystal/Tad fan at one point, it seems she had her chance. The good news? At least viewers might care enough to take a side and have an opinion!

Adam’s Merit Trust: Ludicrous! JR called it – Adam’s a total control freak, Next storyline please!

The Break-Ins: Does anyone have an idea who could be the real culprit behind the rash of break-ins based on the clues? Does anyone care? Just asking…

Jesse and Angie’s Struggle: While this isn’t the most electrifying storyline going, I love these two actors (and characters), and respect the fact that this is a very realistic situation for people in high-pressure jobs to face. Pretty good!

Madison! Your Fangs are Showing: Madison’s fangs have been peeking out this week! I knew she wasn’t reformed that easily! While I find it mildly intriguing to see what might transpire between her and Randi, it’s really not enough to build story around – neither of them are that compelling.