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AMC Rant
Week of January 11 – 15:

Well, the good news is there was more than one thing I enjoyed about All My Children in the past week. The bad news is that there were only two – the rest is still relatively awful. At one point this week, throwing things at the television set became a viable option! Here’s what made an impression this week – beginning with the stuff that was irksome:

The ‘Throw Stuff at the TV Moment’: For me, this came after Amanda had been hysterical for a day or so over the possibility of Trevor having the genetic marker for David’s blood disease. She vents all over poor Jake and Angie, then when they tell her he can be tested with a simple DNA test, she changes her mind, basically saying, “Well, what if I don’t want to know, now?” Arrrrggghhhh! I actually yelled, “Oh c’mon!” at the screen. If I could have slapped her, I would have. Utterly vapid writing!

JR’s Illness of Convenience: Is it me, or are the effects from the chemo rather inconsistent? One minute, JR is shivering, convulsing, and pale as a ghost on his living room sofa, to the extent that his young son thinks he’s going to croak on the spot. The next moment, JR is looking quite healthy and dapper, standing in Adam’s hospital room, arguing and glaring daggers like his old self! Yeesh.

Erica and Ryan: Many viewers wish this would just go away, I know. I’m fine with it, but not with the sudden onslaught of Greenlee references now intertwined through every scene and interaction they share. There was none of that before, and now there’s so much of it that it’s cheesy and annoying!

Annie/Colby/Scott: I was hoping that this might develop into something interesting, but I’m still waiting. NuColby is turning out to be shrill and exasperating to watch, Scott is still wishy-washy, and his fantasizing about Annie is, frankly, giving me the creeps! Watching through the window while she dances for his uncle, and then returning to that room to think about her doing it for him? Too much information, I think. Yuck! Annie needs a worthy rival and a man much more determined and forward to make this entertaining!