Lucci/Nixon (Deanna Barnert/

All My Children and Susan Lucci Look Back and toward the Future!

The TCA press tour is in full effect in Los Angeles, with the TV networks previewing their new and returning shows. ABC took an hour of their time on stage to honor All My Children’s big anniversary with a panel featuring show creator Agnes Nixon, Susan Lucci, Cameron Mathison, Bobbie Eakes, Rebecca Budig and executive producer Julie Carruthers.


Things got off to an interesting start when Agnes Nixon and Susan Lucci reenacted the very scene that landed Lucci the role of Erica Kane forty years ago. Nixon read the part of momma Mona, who was chiding Erica for having her eye on her new tutor Phil Brent – who just happened to be dating Tara Martin!

MONA: I know you like a book. When someone else has something, you want it. And when you get it, you don’t want it anymore.
ERICA: Is there something wrong with that?
MONA: Yes, there is. I mean, you don’t capture a man just to throw him overboard as soon as you decide you want another man and you set out to capture him. I mean, Erica, it is not a checker game.
ERICA: Well, whatever kind of game it is, I have to win. I have to win.

So classic and fantastic to watch!

“It was a scene from the first couple of weeks I was on the show and in two short pages, Agnes wrote and expressed that character of Erica, the Mona character and the relationship between them,” Lucci told us after the panel was over. “I’m going to frame it, but in the meantime, Agnes asked me if I would perform it, with her playing Mona. You can’t imagine what a thrill that is for me. And it was scary!”

Erica’s done a lot of growing up since her teen years in Pine Valley, and so has La Lucci, so one of the reporters asked if either Lucci or Erica have reached “that age” where they don’t care what people think about them anymore.

“I think people are built a certain way,” Lucci responded. “You want to do what you want to do and have a clearer judgment as you go along, but I care what people think, still. You can’t be a mind reader, so you have to do your own thing, but I don’t want to hurt anybody. I don’t think Erica does… unless they hurt her. Then watch out!”