I smell a man! (Soaps.com)

Well, Soaps.com readers, this past week brought us the long-awaited episodes celebrating the 40th anniversary of All My Children, as well as three new episodes. According to the polls taken by Soaps.com, the majority of viewers weren’t impressed with the handling of the special episodes, or at least thought they could have been done better. Let’s take a look in depth:

Hayley’s Return: I loved the return of Kelly Ripa as Hayley – her interactions with the other characters had me interested in every scene – she’s top notch! Her eye-rolling, tongue-clucking, seen-it-all-before attitude where Adam’s wedding was concerned was perfect – as were the delicious exchanges she shared with Annie. That’s the good news. The bad news is that talented and gorgeous Mark Consuelos (Mateo) was relegated to wallpaper status, and that scenes of Greenlee’s and Madison’s storylines were randomly stuck in here and there – we could have done without that.

The 40th Anniversary Episode: I was disappointed in the very short snippets of time designated to the former stars who returned. It really felt like a letdown after all of the hype. Although it was fabulous to see favorites like Brooke, Greg, Bianca, and Maria, it was certainly a case of ‘don’t blink or you’ll miss them’! I really didn’t appreciate all the time alloted to those we see every day reiterating why they are in Pine Valley – it felt like they were trying to convince us of something… On a positive note, it was fun to see the flashbacks, and to see how some of the former stars look now. The very best news of all was that Brooke’s cryptic words, ‘someone better warn Erica,’ proved to be true when two days later it was announced that Julia Barr will indeed be bringing her character back to the AMC canvas! Woot!

Marvelous Madison: I think this is supposed to be a storyline designed to make us revise our opinion of the once-evil socialite, but the story has lost whatever momentum it had, and it’s just odd that she’s cozying up to Angie. Has anyone else noticed that she’s still eyeing-up the very-married Frankie like he’s dessert?!

Dreams Becoming Nightmares: In other words, as with most AMC plots recently, Greenlee’s incessant dreams are starting to grate on the nerves. When it begins to feel like the writers are merely trying to fill airtime, it’s not good. Her scenes with David are very interesting though – a complex relationship means a side of David we don’t often see – I like that.

Custody Chaos: What kind of custody hearing was that?! The judge has heard enough and is ready to rule based on what, exactly?! Hrmm… Any bets as to which way she’ll go on this?