Rebecca Budig (ABC) recently had the pleasure of catching up with All My Children’s Rebecca Budig to chat about her return to the show as Greenlee Smythe Lavery. Keep reading to find out what she thinks about the Erica/Ryan pairing and much more! She also gave her opinion on some of the changes surrounding AMC recently – check it out! Congratulations on your return to All My Children! How did it come about, and are you on contract?

Rebecca: They called me and asked if I would be interested in returning, and I spoke to Julie about it, and it all worked out! I did sign a contract, and I can’t give specifics, but I’m going to be there for a while. Had you been watching the show before you came back?

Rebecca: I tuned in from time-to-time because I wanted to see Alicia [Minshew, Kendall] pregnant. [laughs] She never grew! The girl just does not gain weight! Did you have an impression of the [quality] of AMC?

Rebecca: Not really, but I knew that a lot of people were…well, the characters were not so defined anymore. That’s all I noticed. Of course the Head Writer [Pratt] was let go. At this point are you still working on his scripts?

I think they are still out. I think that’s what we’re still doing, but I’m starting into the new scripts a little bit. Is there a sense on the AMC set that things are turning around?

Rebecca: It’s a little too soon to tell yet, but I think they definitely are, for sure.
What is your opinion on the move from NY to LA – will it be good for the show?

Rebecca: I hope it is, because I think that it’s showing that ABC has faith in the show, and I’m hopeful that it will revive the show. Did the move come into play as far as your decision to return?

Rebecca: Not really. I was more concerned about the character, to be honest. I didn’t want to play the Greenlee the way she was before I left – I didn’t feel like it was Greenlee anymore. I wanted to play the character that resonated with me, and I think that they wanted that as well, so it worked out in that everyone was in the same place. Were you surprised to learn that Ryan was paired up with Erica?

Yeah! [laughs] It was a little weird. What is your opinion on the older woman/younger man dynamic? What about Erica being Ryan’s son’s grandmother?

Rebecca: I don’t really have an opinion about older women with younger men. I think it is a little odd that he was with her daughter and stuff like that, but, I guess things happen! [laughs] Erica was with Greenlee’s dad [Jackson] too!

Rebecca: I know! Which makes it much more interesting for me because, obviously, I’ll probably find out, and Erica is Greenlee’s arch-nemesis, so… Can we anticipate some confrontational stuff with Greenlee and Erica?

Rebecca: I hope so! I haven’t read anything yet, but I hope so.