AMC Rant
Week of December 28 – 31:

It’s a short week again for All My Children, but a bit of an important one as Kendall and Zach returned, then said goodbye, Joe and Ruth Martin departed, and presumed-dead Greenlee came back to life! Here are some observations on the past three episodes:

Those Wacky Martins: Seems Tad has a bit of Opal in him – he’s sure had an awful lot of ‘instincts’ he’s been following lately! But that wasn’t the only weird thing happening at the Martin household over the holidays – we were provided with a scary visual courtesy of Tad, who gave Joe a red speedo for Christmas, we witnessed a bizarre dialogue between Tad and Jake in which they actually spoke over one another for their entire conversation, and we were treated to another one of Opal’s bizarre premonitions. Don’t you love how no one in the Martin house is fazed by Opal’s predictions of doom? Jake nonchalantly asked what she ate, and Krystal quipped, “If something’s coming to Pine Valley, it had better be Tad!” So funny! I love this bunch!

Zippity Zendall: Wow, that was some rushed and bizarre writing for this couple. No sooner did they return home, then they packed their bags to leave again! Stopping only for a quickie, to negotiate Spike’s release from Ryan, and to share a melodramatic moment with Erica, they couldn’t get out of Pine Valley fast enough! Strange. One would think that the last thing Kendall would want to do would be leave home after being on the run. What about their businesses? Sigh… While I’m sad to see beloved characters go, they haven’t been written very well lately, so it makes it somewhat easier to take. Zach’s farewell at the door was certainly a tear-jerker moment though.

David’s Miracle: A more shrewd Martin clan might have picked up on the fact that David hasn’t had any fatigue lately, nor has he been collapsing in fits of fever due to the side effects of his ‘illegal drugs’. Instead, he was looking positively healthy up in Gloucester while taking on Tad and Liza! While it’s nice that he has nursed Greenlee back to life, it’s all a little ‘Dr. Frankenstein’ for me…but I’m looking forward to the scenes between Greenlee and David who have great onscreen chemistry. Down the road, I’ll be waiting to see Greenlee’s reaction to the Ryan/Erica pairing! Could there be a cougar/cat fight in store?