AMC Rant
Week of December 21 – 25:

Well, only three short All My Children episodes this week due to the holidays, but it feels like a fair bit happened. Here are the highlights!

Aidan Arrested: Thank goodness this painful storyline finally came to a resolution! Count me among the viewers who hope that Aidan will come back down the road and be redeemed – such a travesty what happened to this character! Kudos to Aiden Turner who really made me feel something during Aidan’s apology – I just wanted to hug him!

Kendall/Zach Reunited:
A great conclusion for fans of the couple, I’ll admit, but I have issues with the chameleon personalities these two have exhibited these past months – Zach is an ogre/romantic softie, and Kendall swings between being a nagging shrew and a sweet damsel in distress – who can keep up?! In any case, it’s nice for Zendall followers to see them back together at this point. The return of Father Clarence was neat too.

Liza/Tad: As I’ve said before, I’m really digging their chemistry!

JR Comes Clean:
I’m glad that JR finally told the truth about the cancer coming back – it was a good emotional scene for Jacob Young, who also had good scenes with Vincent (David Hayward) this week. I continue to wish for a more suitable love interest for JR, though.

This girl is on my last nerve – bringing up David while she’s in bed with Jake?! I can’t stand the way this character is being written in the current storyline. Also, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to understand why Tad is pushing his brother to stay with her – it’s not like Tad is the poster boy for sticking it out in less-than-ideal relationship situations!