AMC Rant
Week of December 14 – 18:

At this point, like many other viewers, I feel as though I’m simply along for the ride as the remainder of Pratt’s All My Children storylines play out. For the most part, the plots continue to be ridiculous, but it is somehow more bearable knowing that there is an end in sight. Here’s a few observations on the past week:

Mad Dad: The actor playing Madison’s father did a great job with his part – seemed like a typical smooth-talking businessman until he rocked those creepy eyes every time someone showed up unexpectedly or said something confrontational!

Best Hair Award – I’ve loved Liza’s bouncy red locks lately – her stylist is definitely getting it right!

Most Annoying of the Week – Tie – Randi and Amanda are soooo ditzy!

Annie Gets Her Man – Annie knew exactly what effect refusing to put Adam on the stand would have on him! And how about that trial? What exactly did the Crown have to go on to begin with? None of the so-called witnesses really had anything to contribute except dislike and distrust of the defendant! Back home, Annie’s ability to manipulate Adam with the pouty face is just cringe-worthy!