Dumb and Dumber. (Soaps.com)

AMC Rant
Week of December 7 – 11:

Although we’re still mired in some pretty bad storylines on All My Children, there were some instances of good acting and great chemistry that stood out this past week. Read my thoughts and see if you agree!

I’m a Mess: I laughed out loud when Kendall told Erica that she couldn’t return to Pine Valley because she was a mess (I was thinking, “Just like this storyline!”). What a disastrous turn things have taken with the character of Aidan – there are no words for how much I detest the destruction of his character – it’s not as if it is happening for a good reason, such as a worthwhile storyline! The story itself is inane and makes little or no sense. The scenes in the hotel were utterly ridiculous; although La Lucci did cause me to choke up a little when she told Kendall she’d never give up on her. I genuinely hope that the new writers find a way, down the road, to bring Aidan back and redeem his character. Shame.

David’s Dying: Too ludicrous to be believed – as if Amanda wasn’t made to look stupid enough by having sex with David, she’s now buying his latest scam hook, line, and sinker – which conveniently came to light the moment she decided to move out of Wildwind! The fact that David so easily dupes Jake as well makes this downright farcical. I’m so looking forward to some halfway intelligent storylines where the characters behave realistically – this is off the wall. On a positive note, Vincent Irizarry does a great job as David – really laying on the guilt and regret factor with Amanda – hilarious!

One-Day Trial:
Adam’s trial had to be the quickest murder trial in soap history! Reality has completely gone the way of the dinosaur on AMC these days! In any case, it’s probably a blessing that we didn’t have to sit through weeks of testimony only to have the inevitable outcome. The best things to come out of all of this were the scenes between JR and Adam afterward – two very accomplished actors are always enjoyable to watch.

Annie Baiting: Okay – if I’m not mistaken, Ryan was at Annie’s bedside when she was in her coma last week, apologizing profusely for making her life so difficult. But the moment she regained consciousness, he immediately picked up where he left off – baiting and threatening. Argh! It’s just so repetitive and annoying!

Zach Attack:
Well, Zach has let his personality lapse to the level of a neandrathal, and now he’s going to destroy everything Kendall holds dear so she has nothing to come back to – ho hum. Does this mean Ian too? Just asking…

The Waiting Game:
I don’t understand why JR would wait to receive treatments for his cancer – this is directly opposed to anything he’s been crowing about up until now and makes no sense. He has a young son who he is worried will end up without a father, so he puts off treatment? How are we supposed to relate to this story?